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HEXUS.gaming team up with ShopTo.Net

by Steven Williamson on 26 September 2008, 09:34

Tags: Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway, FIFA 09, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, Shopto.net

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HEXUS.gaming has teamed up ShopTo.Net, the online UK video games and consoles superstore, to make shopping for your favourite games, consoles or peripherals, no more than a couple of button presses away.

From this point forth, you'll notice that any articles on HEXUS.gaming, whether they be news, previews or reviews, that relate to specific games, will be adorned with the ShopTo_Net logo at the head each post, indicating that ShopTo_Net sell this game on its website. Click on the link and you'll be taken to the bottom of the article where you'll see multiple box shots showing you any relevant products and their prices.

Click on one of these and you'll be taken directly to the ShopTo_Net site where you can purchase the product at a competitive price, supporting HEXUS.gaming in the process, as well as getting some great deals.

Some of the offers at the moment include the PS3 collector's edition of Brother In Arm's Hells Highway (released today) for £44.99, saving you £10 on the RRP; preorder Pro Evolution Soccer 09 for £32.99 and get a £3 voucher to spend in-store; or if you're a FIFA fan, you can preorder the latest instalment on Wii for just £29.99 and get a £5 voucher to spend in store!

Check the foot of the page and, if everything has gone to plan, you should see the aforementioned deals!

Help to support HEXUS.gaming by buying your gaming goodies through our ShopTo_Net links.

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Nice one. I've been using Shopto for a while now, I love their delivery policy!
Much coolness! :cool:
Nice one. I've been using Shopto for a while now, I love their delivery policy!

Don't forget to do it through us! Just search for the game you're after on the main page of gaming and then scroll down!
shopto have always been very reliable for me, a slightly past though from what i have read. Also they sell a lot of grey imports you cant always trade in so you might want to check on a game by game basis if you like to resell them after.

But like i say i have never had a problem with them and the service was fast and efficient!
Cool :)
Never used them before but may give them a go when Fallout 3 comes out :)