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Vodafone details PS Vita pricing and launch deal

by Steven Williamson on 8 February 2012, 13:05

Tags: Vodafone (LON:VOD), Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE)

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Vodafone has announced official details of its launch plan for PlayStation Vita which arrives in the UK on February 22nd.

Announced as the “preferred” partner for PS Vita’s 3G connectivity, Vodafone will sell Sony’s handheld for £279 across all of its UK stores. The deal includes a free 4GB memory card, a PAYG SIM card, which when topped up with £5 will get you a free downloadable game, and a copy of the launch game, WipEout 2048. The mobile service provider will also offer 250 MB of data lasting up to 30 days with full Vodafone 3G connectivity.

The PlayStation Vita 3G will also be available at other high street and online retailers with the option to top up £5 and get the WipEout 2048 game free of charge.

Though it’s the games that look likely to be at the heart of the Vita experience, Sony’s handheld also doubles as a multimedia device with the ability to play video and listen to music at launch. Sony also plans to release social networking tools including Facebook, foursquare, Skype, and Twitter.

Do you plan on buying PlayStation Vita?

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after trying out the Vita at my local gamestation store, i feel in love with the screen and the controls especially after playing uncharted golden abyss. But for me Vodaphones 3G plan is lacking I know for most gamers like myself will be roaming and downloading large amounts of data and will eat up 250mb in no time. For me I'll stick with the WI-fi as its cheaper plus if your a BT customer you can have access to all their open-zone hotspots a far better option imho
Change the title of this post people, it's spelt V o d a f o n e !!!Where have the editorial standards gone to these days?? :)
Change the title of this post people, it's spelt V o d a f o n e !!!Where have the editorial standards gone to these days?? :)

I thought it was spelt “Vodafone” ? :geek:
I thought it was spelt “Vodafone” ? :geek:

Lol - Spaces were for clarity :secret:
With T-Mobile and Three both offering tethering on certain deals, it'd be cheaper to buy one of the PS wifi deals around at the moment for £215 or so and just use your phone for internet usage whilst out and about, granted it will drain the battery on the phone quicker, but why fork out the extra £65 or so and then pay extra for topping up your allowance?