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Scuf Gaming launches Instinct and Instinct Pro controllers

by Mark Tyson on 18 August 2021, 12:11

Tags: Corsair, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Scuf Gaming

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Scuf Gaming, an independent brand wholly owned by Corsair, has announced two new wireless games controllers designed for Xbox Series X/S but also compatible with Xbox One, Windows 10 PCs, and mobile devices. The firm is marketing the new Scuf Instinct and Instinct Pro wireless controllers as premium solutions for the demanding or competitive gamer, with refined ergonomics and programmable embedded back control paddles.

It is claimed by Scuf that its evolved games controller design will appeal to a wider range of gamers and hand sizes than ever before. Diego Nunez, Scuf Gaming CMO, addresses Xbox fans directly "Xbox fans are at the core of Scuf’s history, and we're proud to have created a controller that both pays homage to that legacy and equips gamers for exciting new games on the newest console generation." Nunez emphasises what is probably the biggest draw for these wireless controllers, the Embedded Back Paddles, which can be remapped to various profiles at the push of a button (see above video).

With so many features, the quickest and clearest way to describe the Scuf Instinct controller features / options is via a bullet-point list:

  • Profile Switch allows you to save three remapping configurations for different games
  • Wireless connectivity to play comfortably from a distance, now with improved dynamic latency input
  • An optional wired connection for lower latency play from your couch with 2m USB Type-C cable
  • Interchangeable domed, concaved, short, and long thumbsticks for the perfect fit
  • Improved thumbstick design and material for more grip and durability
  • Removable faceplate makes it easy to switch designs and thumbsticks
  • New Share button for gamers to show off their best clips with friends
  • Self-lubricating rings help thumbsticks glide smoothly against the faceplate
  • Mute any headset connected to your controller with the press of a button

Instinct Pro takes all the above features of the regular Scuf Instinct wireless controllers and adds the following key enhancements:

  • Regular to 'Instant' trigger toggle control. Instant triggers can make repeated trigger pulls much faster by making the actuation depth much shallower, like a mouse click.
  • High-performance grip (hexagonal textured) material which is said to be non-slip.

In an email to HEXUS, Scuf Gaming said that the Scuf Instinct starts at $169.99 and Instinct Pro starts at $199.99. Both are available immediately direct, where you will go through a customisation process to add a product to your basket (choosing faceplate colour/design, button colours, thumbstick and D-pad designs and many more aspects before checkout).

Customisation page on the way to checkout - be aware that some options will cost extra.

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for the price of these I will stick with the standard xbox controller, or maybe the elite.

Do these expensive controllers make that much difference?
Those prices are just stupid, I'm sorry but it's a game controller (same goes for the MS elite which I prefer)…..it should not be half the cost of an actual game console (yes I know they're sold at a loss). Actually the cost of a ‘standard’ controller seems rather excessive to me in all honesty.

For the cost of 2 of the pro controllers, and some will buy 2, you can literally get a playstation 5 digital ($399.99) so you could have both an xbox (which you'd likely already have) and a ps5…

Do they make a difference… to your wallet that would be a yes but to your gaming ability, I very much doubt it unless you're some uber pro gamer.
Even for Corsair that price is a joke. They seemed determined to push Razer in the idiot tax Olympics, and are giving Apple a run for their money.
…that is quite the price…
Arent they aware that scuffed is slang language for poor/rough in places like Twitch.

Maybe a gaming company should not use something that sounds like that.