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Samsung launches Smartphone GamePad for Android 4.1+

by Mark Tyson on 17 December 2013, 10:10

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS), PC

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Today Samsung has launched a Smartphone GamePad and a companion Mobile Console application. The South Korean tech giant says the launch is "in response to the rapidly expanding global mobile gaming market". The new GamePad helps users enjoy gaming wherever they are and is specially targeted at Samsung Galaxy device owners.

Let's look at the Smartphone GamePad hardware first. Samsung says that the pad has a "premium, easy-to-carry design and durable steel frame". It is also able to hold a mobile between 4-inches and 6.3-inches, making a handheld console. Users can also enjoy big-screen gaming by connecting their Galaxy device to the TV via HDMI or AllShare Screen Mirroring.

The controller communicates with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Samsung says that Galaxy devices running Android 4.3 such as Galaxy Note 3, S4, Note II, and S III offer quicker connections using the NFC chip which in turn offers quicker access to games on their devices with a tap of the 'PLAY' button. However any users with Android OS 4.1 or above can use the GamePad.

Samsung Smartphone GamePad Product Specifications

  • Compatibility: Android OS 4.1 more (Optimized for Samsung devices with Android 4.3 more)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth v3.0, NFC (Samsung devices with Android 4.3 more) 3.0 class 2, HID
  • Control Keys: D-Pad (8 way), 2 Analog Sticks, 4 Action buttons and 2 Trigger buttons, Select button and Start button, PLAY button (Samsung devices with Android 4.3 more)
  • Dimensions: 137.78 x 86.47 x 31.80mm, 195g
  • Battery: Rechargeable 160mA
  • Colour: Black

With the Mobile Console app installed users can launch their games browser from a press of the GamePad 'PLAY' button. The software companion to the GamePad "allows users to conveniently browse and purchase game pad supported games". At launch time there are 35 games supported within Samsung's Mobile Console app with "much more to come in 2014". Big name titles such as EA’s Need for Speed Most Wanted and Gameloft’s Asphalt 8: Airborne and Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour are all included in the initial roster.

These new Samsung products are available in Europe immediately but no prices were indicated in Samsung's press release. Other regions will get the GamePad in the coming weeks.

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Good god, looks like something designed by an product designer circa 1995
Again something for lazy gamers.
'droid 4.3 updates available for the S3? Hadn't spotted that news, nice one Hexus! :hexlub:

Just hope it's better than the last time they tried it.

The GamePad isn't the prettiest is it? Then again, I suppose continuing the current trend of Samsung designing unappealing products (Galaxy Gear anyone?). My interest will be proportional to the price asked. If it's sub £20 then probably worth a punt, £20-30 still very interesting, £50+ = get lost.

Be ace though if it had a bigger battery and could be used to top up the “host” phone.
This looks just like the one from steelseries.
This looks like it has great potential to launch phones either left or right at great speed. A gametapult sort-of thing. That should help sell more handsets.