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Unreal Anthology coming in the Autumn

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Unreal Anthology

Midway Games Ltd., a subsidiary of Midway Games Inc, a leading interactive entertainment publisher and developer, today announced it has acquired the retail publishing rights to select games from Epic Games’ catalog of existing Unreal PC titles, including critically acclaimed and top-selling titles Unreal Tournament and the original Unreal. Since its debut in 1998, the Unreal franchise has sold more than seven million units worldwide. Midway also announced plans to publish the first-ever compilation of Unreal and Unreal Tournament titles, Unreal Anthology, scheduled to ship this fall for personal computers at a U.S. suggested RRP of £19.99. Unreal Anthology will include:

• Unreal (including Return to Na Pali expansion pack)
• Unreal II: The Awakening
• Unreal Tournament (Game of the Year Edition)
• Unreal Tournament 2004 (Editors Choice Edition)

“The Unreal franchise has performed consistently well in Europe through equal weighting of product quality and an amazingly loyal community,” said Al King, European Marketing Director, Midway Games Ltd. “Unreal Anthology will allow fans and those yet to experience the franchise, the opportunity to get this incredible compilation of some of the franchise’s best titles at a great price point. Unreal Anthology will also include the Na Pali expansion pack for the original Unreal, the Game of the Year edition of Unreal Tournament and the Editors Choice Edition of Unreal Tournament 2004.”

“We’re excited to continue working with Midway to expand the audience for Unreal franchise” said Mark Rein, Vice President, Epic Games, Inc. “A whole new set of players will get to play these fantastic games for the first time and those who have already played them will be able to get the definitive boxed set for a great low price. Midway is going to publish the future of Unreal, with Unreal Tournament 2007. So it’s only fitting that they’re helping us pay homage to the rich history of the Unreal universe as well.”

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sweet :D if it doesnt cost the earth il get it just to replay the original unreal!!
Man, £20 for four classics. Thats a bargain, I have 2 of those already, but I might pick it up and give the other two a whirl.

I still play the original UT all the time :P