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GameShadow ships with Konami's 'The Regiment'

Tags: The Regiment (PC), Konami (TYO:9766), FPS

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Ultra-realistic S.A.S combat simulator gets full support from GameShadow

GameShadow Ltd, the leading provider of videogame and update management tools, today announces a partnership with Konami of Europe which sees GameShadow's unique update and patching software being included on all copies of 'The Regiment', which went on sale on the 17th February in Europe.

Those buying the game will be able to quickly and easily install the GameShadow software to ensure that they are instantly able to automatically receive free patches and updates for 'The Regiment' as well as gaining access to a whole library of updates, patches and demos for the most popular PC games at retail.

This partnership comes soon after the successful launch of GameShadow 2.0 at the end of last year, and is one of many that GameShadow is creating with the world's leading publishers to ensure that gamers are able to make the most of their gaming experiences and provide instant access to the most up to the minute updates, demos and material.

"Making it easy for gamers to get the best from their games is a priority for Konami of Europe. When we saw the GameShadow service, with its simple interface and access to all the latest patches, updates and demos, we saw a great product that we wanted to work with," said Phil McDonnell, Head of Console Division at Konami of Europe Product Development.

Tony Treadwell, CEO of GameShadow Ltd, said, "We're delighted to be working with Konami of Europe on 'The Regiment'. The game is awesome and is going to be enormously successful, and we are delighted to be paying a part in helping it to become a long-term favourite in peoples' game collection by delivering critical updates and patches the minute they are made available."

"Many more publishers and developers are recognizing the benefits of GameShadow, and we're looking forward to enhancing the playing experience of hundreds of thousands more gamers during 2006 – watch this space!"

For more on GameShadow, visit www.gameshadow.com