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Tags: The Sims: Carnvival, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), PC, Simulation

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Press release

GUILDFORD, UK — June 17, 2008 — The Sims, an Electronic Arts Inc. with added content, features and new game creation options. This games destination website has hundreds of games of all kinds and creators are adding more every day. There is bound to be a game that you love -- and if not, you can make it! Since its inception in February 2008, has built an active online community where nearly 1 in 4 visitors during Closed Beta have created and published their own games. The tools provided at the site empower players to become game creators at any programming skill level, from novice to Flash developers.

With hundreds of unique and cool games to play, there is a game for everybody -- you won’t find this selection of games anywhere else. Making games is so easy at, so you will see new and unique games and experiences to enjoy every day. Come and check them out!

Three tools -- The Wizard, The Swapper and The Game Creator -- are your assistants in game design. The Wizard leads you through the process of creating a game step-by-step with intuitive and fun options designed to help you make the coolest game. The Swapper lets you customize existing games – or newly made games from The Wizard - with your own selection of images, so personalizing a game is at your fingertips. With The Game Creator, and its easy-to-use library of images, animations and sounds, everyone can create cool games. You can also upload games created in Adobe® Flash® that can be viewed, played and shared with community. Flash developers interested in uploading their games to the site should create an account at and click on the “Upload” tab from any page. Flash developers will be able to retain branding and links back to their developer site, providing another way to get exposure and traffic for their games.

At, create lists of your favorite games, send a game by email or embed a game on social networking sites or on your personal blog. Games are now truly a social experience and one that can be shared and enjoyed by others.

What’s New
Based on listening to player feedback, new evolutions are now available in Open Beta, including a playlist function which allows you to stitch together all your favorite games into one experience. Also, new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) will soon be ready to use. The first Flash API will be a high-score API which will allow Flash developers to use’s High Score system, which enables daily, weekly, and all-time high scores and player emails. Flash developers interested in learning more about our programs specifically targeted for Flash developers should send an email to

To celebrate the Open Beta, game creators are invited to participate in a game design challenge called Galactic Game Challenge in which the winner will receive a cash prize*. This is the first of many contests designed to attract great game creators. Start making games today!

Visit today to enjoy games more than ever before!

*Complete rules can be found at