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Eidos announce Hitman Online Ranking System

Tags: Eidos (TYO:9684), FPS

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Eidos to activate HORS for PS2 owners!

You know, I get the feeling that either someone at Eidos knows EXACTLY what they're doing of they just haven' thought this through... Eidos has announced the Hitman Online Ranking System (H.O.R.S.) for the new HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY title.... I think the acronym, HORS, speaks for itself... Eidos use HORS to keep track of how well gamers score? HORS tells Eidos how players rank in performance? A sick mind could have a field day with this stuff... however, I'll be mature about it and leave it to this Eidos Press Release to tell you what they're doing with HORS, ok?

By placing the ranking system online players now have the opportunity to truly compare and compete against both friends and adversaries on a regional and worldwide stage. Players online will be ranked in a number of different and continually evolving levels. So whether you enjoy taking a more tactical, silent approach like a professional assassin or whether you buy in to the less subtle but equally effective shooter style, your proficiency at eliminating the target can always be assessed in some way.

There will be very many different categories; so far, players who are the Highest Paid, Most Wanted, Fastest, Most Accurate, Create the Most Accidents and of course are simply the Best Hitman will be honoured.

League tables will be displayed in game and all players will be rewarded for competing online with a search to find the world's best Hitman. The competition will run for console players only and will commence once the game has launched with a grand prize, to be revealed nearer launch.

HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY is the fourth installment in the popular franchise and takes killing for money to a whole new level. Using new gaming technology and functionality it delivers an experience that is the closest gamers will ever have come to the real world of the assassin.

So there you go, HORS will be in different categories including the fastest, the highest paid and the most wanted... and there'll be prizes for the best players using HORS... honestly, you can't make this stuff up! Superb!

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