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VIA Releases Custom DOOM 3 Multiplayer Map

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Available from VIA Gamers Arena, VIAVGA DM1 further extends this year’s major PC game release to the multiplayer arena

Taipei, Taiwan, 8 September 2004 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today released VIAVGA DM1, a custom made multiplayer map for DOOM 3, the stunning new PC game from id Software.

VIAVGA DM1 has been developed by the editor of VIA’s official games website VIA Gamers Arena, Josh 'b0rg' Holmes, using the feature-packed DOOM 3 level editing program, DOOMEdit, and has been created with a focus on fast free-flowing game play. Unlike the other heavily detailed Quake III engine benchmarking custom maps Josh has developed for VIA, VIAVGA DM1 has been optimized to run with smooth and consistent frame rate speeds for chaotic multiplayer action.

“The creation of VIAVGA DM1 was inspired by strong community demand for more DOOM 3-based multiplayer maps, as well as the uber-coolness of DOOMEdit,” said Josh Holmes, editor of VIA Gamers Arena. “The new lighting and shadow rendering technology in DOOM 3 really appeals and it was a lot of fun experimenting with all of the new bells and whistles. I've been pleasantly surprised with how many new features I have been able to incorporate into VIAVGA DM1 and still maintain acceptable frame rates.”

Incorporating original assets from DOOM 3, the design and layout of VIAVGA DM1 has a similar feel to many Quake III Arena multiplayer maps, featuring several main combat zones connected via tighter corridors, ducts and hallways. Containing a mixture of open areas for free-range (rocket jumping) action and various confined areas for close quarter combat, VIAVGA DM1 is littered with strategically placed weapons, armor and ammo as well as destructible light fixtures, exploding gas tanks, volatile movable barrels and other devious deathtraps.

VIAVGA DM1 accommodates one-on-one games for two players, ‘Free For All’ (FFA) games for up to 4 players, and more if used in conjunction with user-made mods, and for team deathmatch games.

More information and a gallery of images are available on the VIA Gamers Arena website at: (http://www.viavga.com/default.asp?PageID=120). VIAVGA DM1 can be downloaded from: http://www.viavga.com/demos/viavga_dm1.zip.

Other maps made by Josh can be found on VIA Arena: http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=161.