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World Tennis Stars For GBA and GBA SP - Fame Set and Match

Tags: VIA Technologies (TPE:2388), Ignition Entertainment

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World Tennis Stars - Fame Set and Match

WALTHAM ABBEY - 8th April 2003 Ignition Entertainment Ltd, a worldwide publisher, developer and distributor of entertainment software, has launched a range of games for the Game Boy® Advance platform. A total of nine games have been released all with a very aggressive recommended retail price point of £14.99 inc. VAT. World Tennis Stars is the perfect companion for the new Game Boy Advance SP console.

Fame, Set and Match...

Join the fun in this cute and colourful tennis game. Choose from six quirky characters and take on all new comers, in an attempt to become the number one 'World Tennis Star'.

There are six exciting courts, spread across the globe. Each with its' own unique look. Take a trip to New York and play a match on busy New York street, or travel to the sun soaked beaches of Hawaii - just make sure you have plenty water.

With two modes of play, and the option to challenge a friend (via the Multi Pak Link), World Tennis Stars will serve up hours of fun.

World Tennis Stars is now available in leading retail outlets and on line stockists.