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PL Europe Cologne 2002 with new sponsor

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PL Europe Cologne 2002 with new sponsor

PNY engages as main sponsor for the CPL Europe Cologne 2002

Cologne, 30th April 2002

The CPL Europe, leading pan-european Organisation for professional computer
gaming events, was able to win PNY as a sponsor for the CPL Cologne 2002 event.
Up to now this years most significant and biggest 'eSports-Tournament' will take
place from the 17th to 19th May 2002 in the luxurious Hotel Maritim in Cologne.

Professional players from all over Europe will give proof of playing
'Counter-Strike' and 'Q3' at that Pentecost-weekend. The 384 top-players will
play on the 80 official CPL Tournament-PC´s competing for 30.000 EURO prize
money which will be distributed between the best-placed athletes. The
characteristic and sweeping atmosphere of an eSports-Event can be experienced by
visitors and media-representatives in the noble 'Spectator Area'.
Cooperation-partner 'Gamer-TV' implements a simultaneous internet-coverage via
Live-Streaming for more than 10.000 viewers.

PNY, worldwide leading producers for PC-memory expansions, graphic cards and

peripherial products, started their engagement in the 'eSports'-domain by
sponsoring the 'CPL US Counter-Strike Worldchampionship in Dallas/Texas. The
famous hardware-developer supports the CPL Europe Cologne 2002 especially by
upgrading the 80 official Tournament-PC´s with state-of-the-art GeForce4 graphic
cards. As a special feature PNY will present a popular video game as a 3D
Video-projection at their booth.

With the last two Events in London and Berlin, the CPL Europe achieved more than
15 million media contacts which is the ideal base for PNY to increase publicity
amongst the young generation players. The successful collaboration of PNY with
the Turtle Entertainment GmbH, European marketleader in electronic Sports and
organizer of the CPL Europe, will be extended in the next years.

The CPL Europe ("Cyberathlete Professional League") will be presented and
organized by the the exclusive holder of a license for whole Europe: Turtle
Entertainment GmbH, which is specialized in Electronic Sports and Multiplayer
Gaming Events.

Weitere Informationen für die Presse:

PNY Web: www.pny.com

CPL Europe Web: www.cpleurope.com

Turtle Entertainment Web: www.turtle-entertainment.de

Pressekontakt Jens Hilgers Web: jh@turtle-entertainment.de