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Novatech Ltd sponsors The Big Game

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Novatech Ltd will be sponsoring this year’s The Big Game, taking place between the 1st - 3rd November 2019. The Big game is an annual gaming event that takes place 3 times a year, where Novatech have been one of the official sponsors for some years now. 

TBG is a social and friendly LAN party run by 6 gamers with the emphasis on building a gaming community and bringing people together, whether you are into the latest games of 2019 or are a more classic-gamer TBG has something for everyone. 

As well as spending time gaming in different organised tournaments attendees can also take part in the Big Games famous pub quiz on Saturday evening, where the Domino’s Pizza delivery (also an official sponsor of TBG)  sees over 80 pizzas delivered at once to the event. 

Novatech Ltd, one of the official sponsors will be attending the event for the duration of the three days, where five members of their staff will be participating in lots of gaming activities. Novatechs staff will be attending the set up day helping TBG prepare and set up all technical equipment.  

“We’ve been working with the team from Big Game for around 5 years now and have a great partnership with them. It’s been good to see them grow the capacity of their event to accommodate 130 gamers. The relationship we have developed has been great and they’ve helped us with some of our store events and offsite shows such as Comic-Con and Gamesfest  in the past.” Commented Ross Collins from Novatech Ltd

This year Novatech have donated prizes for their gaming competitions including items such as headsets, gaming chairs and hardware components.  TBG is a non-profitable organisation and in the past Novatech has supplied the event with Network Switches and other essential gaming equipment for the event to run smoothly.

James Yale from The Big Game commented” Novatech have been the headline sponsor for out last 15 sell-out LAN parties and their assistance in providing the very latest technology  is not only a win in our eSports tournaments, but get hands-on with VR. The collaboration offers our attendees something else to do and see at the event as well as showcasing Novatech’s growing involvement within the eSports community” 

“Our next event, tBG51, is imminent starting on the 1st of November and is well on track to be another sell out” 

Novatech Ltd has been providing technology for professionals and enthusiasts for over 32 years and are one of the most trusted and well-established system integrators in the UK. 

Based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, Novatech is a specialist manufacturer of Custom, Gaming, Desktop PCs, Laptops, Workstations and Servers & PC Components for home, school and the office. 

Novatech is now one of the UK's top mail order computer suppliers and has the capacity to manufacture over 6,000 PCs and 4,000 Notebooks per month.