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Red Bull Gaming Sphere launches in London

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Red Bull Gaming Sphere will offer the video gaming and esports communities a new home with a rolling list of unique activities and events

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LONDON, UK, March 14, 2018: Red Bull today announces the arrival of the Red Bull Gaming Sphere, an innovative new gaming space in Shoreditch, London. The public-access studio - the largest in the UK- will act as a hub for the UK’s gaming and esports communities, offering a stunning venue kitted out with state of the art gaming technology and a packed schedule of events. 

As well as providing a space for casual gamers to level up their skills for both fun and competition, the Red Bull Gaming Sphere will also host esports tournaments and community events, with the ambition of helping the UK esports scene to grow and develop.

The Red Bull Gaming Sphere has been designed as a multi-purpose facility, with a modular setup that allows for bespoke configuration to suit any gaming occasion. In addition to participation tournaments, guests will have opportunities to meet and play with their esports heroes through workshops or one-on-one activities, with in-house leaderboards to track challenges to the finest players from around the UK.

The London Gaming Sphere is the second of two new cutting-edge studios that Red Bull is opening, following the recent launch of the Tokyo Gaming Sphere in Japan in February. The unique venues are set to become the home of gaming and esports within their territories, and the Gaming Spheres represent Red Bull’s continued commitment to growing and supporting the gaming and esports communities.  

Red Bull has partnered with some of the most pioneering technology suppliers in the world, such as ASUS Republic of Gamers, offering the most high-spec gaming experience possible. In addition, noblechairs has provided a range of its finest gamer seats, ensuring that guests can play games in comfort and style for optimum performance.

Red Bull has already established itself as a major player in the esports scene with events such as Red Bull Kumite, one of the world’s most prestigious fighting game tournaments and Red Bull Battlegrounds, which brings togethefans, casters, developers, and pro players to celebrate their passion for Street Fighter V.  

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