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SteelSeries launches Arctis 1 Headset

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June 11, 2019 – SteelSeries, the global leader in gaming peripherals and makers of the most award-winning headset line in history, today announces the Arctis 1 gaming headset. The headset features the same powerful Arctis drivers and sleek design as the Arctis 3, 5, 7 and 9X, but at a more affordable €59.99 price point.

The Arctis 1 is an all-platform gaming headset that easily doubles as a stylish pair of on-the-go headphones. With a detachable microphone and sleek low-profile design, gamers can enjoy the award-winning performance of Arctis no matter where they are.  

The Arctis 1 universal 3.5mm connection is made for gaming on all platforms, including PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It features the same speaker drivers and signature soundscape of the award-winning Arctis line, so that gamers don’t need to sacrifice audio quality, even at a lower price point. The Arctis 1 also uses the same ClearCast microphone for natural-sounding clarity and noise cancellation, but instead of being retractable like the Arctis 3, 5, 7, and 9X, the microphone is detachable so it can easily transition between a headset and headphones. The Arctis 1 forgoes the iconic ski goggle suspension headband in favor of a lower profile solution that is optimized for use on the go, while still boasting excellent comfort with Airweave fabric ear cushions and a steel-reinforced headband for a perfect fit and lasting durability.

“Arctis was the first brand of headsets that offered best-in-class audio performance in a beautifully designed package that users could use while gaming or on-the-go,” said SteelSeries CEO, Ehtisham Rabbani. “We’re excited to bring the full Arctis experience to even more gamers at an incredibly affordable price point.”

The Arctis 1 is available now for £49.99 at SteelSeries.com.

For more information about the Arctis 1 and the complete line of SteelSeries’ Arctis headsets, visit www.SteelSeries.com for more information. 

SteelSeries is a leader in gaming peripherals focused on quality, innovation and functionality, and the fastest growing major PC gaming headset brand in the US. Founded in 2001, SteelSeries aims at improving performance through first-to-market innovations and technologies that helps gamers play harder, train longer, and rise to the challenge. SteelSeries supports the growth of competitive gaming tournaments and eSports with the goal of connecting gamers to each other and fostering a sense of community and purpose. SteelSeries’ team of professional and gaming enthusiasts help design and craft every single accessory and are the driving force behind the company.

To learn more about SteelSeries’ products and esports partnerships, visit steelseries.com or follow us on social media for the latest updates at facebook.com/steelseries and be a part of the conversation on Twitter @SteelSeries