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SteelSeries announces new limited-edition peripherals

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The new Howl Edition peripherals include a Rival 310 gaming mouse and QcK+ Limited mousepad with the legendary Howl gun skin design.  

CHICAGO – September 20, 2018 – SteelSeries, the global leader in gaming peripherals, in collaboration with Valve, is proud to announce a limited-edition line of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) branded peripherals. The new mouse and mousepad feature a design based on CS:GO’s most legendary gun skin, the M4A4 Howl.

“Valve has been a valued partner for a long time, first with the creation of the Rival 300 Fade and Rival 300 Hyper Beast, and CS:GO integration in SteelSeries Engine,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO. “The Rival 310 and QcK+ Limited Howl Editions are the next chapter in our partnership to help CS:GO players be as accurate as possible while sporting an iconic look. We are avid supporters of the competitive scene and are proud to announce our new line at the FACEIT Major in London.”

The new mouse and mousepad are featured at FACEIT Major: London 2018, the thirteenth CS:GO major championship. Visitors can see the new mouse and mousepad on display at the event in Section N.

The Rival 310 is a mouse made for unparalleled accuracy due to the power of the SteelSeries exclusive TrueMove3 sensor. The Rival 310 Howl Edition takes advantage of the Rival 310’s high performance, while sporting the legendary design of CS:GO’s most infamous gun skin. The mouse uses a split-trigger button design and mulit-color Prism RGB illumination compatible with SteelSeries Engine software. The Rival 310 Howl Edition is available in NA for $69.99, in EMEA for €79.99, and in APAC for $79.99.

The QcK+ Limited Howl Edition features a similar design to the Rival 310 Howl Edition. The 450mmx400mmx3mm mousepad is made of a micro-woven cloth engineered to improve mouse glide and product minimal friction. Tested by the top mouse sensor manufacturer, the high thread count and surface variation optimizes tracking accuracy for both optical and laser sensors. The mousepad also uses a non-slip base and never-fray stitching, ensuring the surface will never fray or peel. The QcK+ Limited Howl Edition is available in NA for $29.99, in EMEA for €34.99 and in APAC for $34.99.

For more information about the complete line of Howl Edition SteelSeries products, visit https://steelseries.com/csgo.

About SteelSeries

SteelSeries is a leader in gaming peripherals focused on quality, innovation and functionality, and the fastest growing major PC gaming headset brand in the US*. Founded in 2001, SteelSeries aims at improving performance through first-to-market innovations and technologies that helps gamers play harder, train longer, and rise to the challenge. SteelSeries supports the growth of competitive gaming tournaments and eSports with the goal of connecting gamers to each other and fostering a sense of community and purpose. SteelSeries’ team of professional and gaming enthusiasts help design and craft every single accessory and are the driving force behind the company.

To learn more about SteelSeries’ products and esports partnerships, visit http://SteelSeries.com or follow us on social media for the latest updates at http://facebook.com/steelseries and be a part of the conversation on Twitter @SteelSeries.

About Valve

For information about Valve please visit https://www.valvesoftware.com/en/about and to find out more about Counter-Strike®: Global Offensive please visit http://blog.counter-strike.net.