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Operation FlashPoint 2: Dragon Rising - PC, PS3, Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 11 September 2007, 10:41

Tags: Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising, Codemasters, PC, Xbox 360, PS3, FPS

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Powered by NEON


Command and control military and civilian, land, air and sea vehicles: Using precision physics, high quality models and Codemasters Studios' extensive vehicle simulation expertise, Operation Flashpoint 2 allows players to command and control a wide variety of multi-component, multi-weapon vehicles – including include tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, APCs, attack and utility helicopters and many more.

The in-game experience will as close to operating the real weapons as possible. Fully loaded weapons and individual ammunition types will be simulated with detailed ballistic physics, based upon individually-crafted mechanics.

Operation Flashpoint 2 is Codemasters Studios' most extensive R&D project to date. Utilising the studios' largest development team ever assembled, Operation Flashpoint 2 has already benefited from over two years of pre-production on a closed set basis.

Powered by an evolved Neon engine: Operation Flashpoint 2 is being developed using an evolved variant of Codemasters Studios' proprietary middleware technology - Neon. A multi-platform continuous technical project, Neon is developed with accreditation from platform holders and was first deployed in Colin McRae: DIRT. Neon enables minute detail to create the most realistic and involving real world effects and environments. For Operation Flashpoint 2, Neon's strength in vehicle detail and physics is apparent. The enhancements, such as modelling human characterisation and advanced AI, will add a further layer to the capabilities of the Neon engine.

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The Operation Flashpoint 2 development team includes talent that worked on the original Operation Flashpoint and brings together the Studios' three locations – Southam (UK), Guildford (UK) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Talent includes those from simulation style products, such Codemasters motorsport titles, and people new to Codemasters with specialised experience that is specifically relevant to Operation Flashpoint 2.

The debut trailer , courtesy of GameTrailers.com

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Lets hope this is what ARMA should of been. I did enjoy it even though it was bugg ridden and i know the patches have ironed out a few but it never really lived up to OP Flash standards. If ARMA is the cyrsis then this shold be the far cry 2!!!