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Quake 2 on JAVA

by Nick Haywood on 28 November 2005, 14:19

Tags: Quake II (PC), FPS

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Quake 2 on Java?

Quake 2 on Java?

Yep, the world’s favourite old skool shooter has been ported to Java and re-christened Jake2!

German developers, ByTonic Software, have managed to get the game over onto Java leaving you with the game in as close as possible state to the original!

According to their website, Jake 2 has a fully playable single player mode, full multiplayer support, multiplayer server support OpenGL bindings and OpenAL sound for true 3D sound. The new version even supports Mac OS X!

You’ll need the data files from the original game or demo version, but ByTonic helpfully give you all the links… so if you fancy a quick bit of gaming history, check ‘em out!