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Operation Flashpoint: Red River - First gameplay revealed

by Steven Williamson on 23 November 2010, 14:30

Tags: Codemasters, FPS

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Codemasters has launched the first gameplay video for Operation Flashpoint: Red River, the all-new chapter in the tactical shooter series, set to launch in Q2 2011.

The video introduces the game’s new setting of Tajikistan – a strategically and politically important central Asian country bordered by both Afghanistan and China. As the back-story to the conflict unfolds, US Marines are shown protecting convoys, sweeping through urban areas and engaging enemy forces. When guns are drawn, pins are pulled and talking stops, Tajikistan becomes a bloody battlefield carved up by insurgents fighting guerrilla war from the shadows and the conventional might of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA).

In addition to setting the scene for Operation Flashpoint: Red River, the video also shows some of the many visual improvements. From newly captured animations, enhanced vehicle interiors and atmospheric colour grading to digital distortion and other camera effects, every part of graphics, animations and VFX have been improved or designed from the ground-up to immerse players in the theatre of war.

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Lots of talk about graphical upgrades but have they done anything about the fact that the previous one was dull as crap?