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QOTW: Which keyboard do you use for PC gaming?

by Parm Mann on 20 September 2013, 16:30

Tags: Corsair, Razer, Roccat, SteelSeries, Gigabyte (TPE:2376), Mad Catz (NYSEAMEX:MCZ)

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This week's question is for all you PC gamers out there. Sure, we might currently be missing out on some of the biggest and best games, but with the next-generation consoles aligning to x86 architecture, the days of piss-poor PC ports ought to be coming to an end. So chin-up, folks, the future's looking bright.

And you know what helps make PC gaming great? Hardware choice. And we don't just mean what's inside the system - take a look outside the rig and you'll see that only on the PC will you find such a diverse range of peripherals from manufacturers the world over.

So for this week's debate, let's talk gaming keyboards. Prices can range from under £10 to well over £200, and users have to seriously contemplate how much they're willing to spend, and whether or not they have to have mechanical. It's a tough call, so let's hear it from you, the readers: which keyboard do you use for PC gaming?

Let us know your weapon of choice in the comments below, as well as your reasons for or against.

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I actually use the Apple keyboard, I like the low profile form factor and find using laptop style keys a lot better than mechanical style ones.
a 4 year old wireless Logitech number which has proved to outlive most other recent keyboards by some margin. I'm yet to jump into the realm of mechanical keyboards but can see an advantage from using them but have higher purchase priorities.
Microsoft Reclusa - I don't think it would matter if it wasn't a gaming keyboard or not, I suppose the keys are a slightly smoother plastic….
A cheap gigabyte slim key one while I save up for the k65
Microsoft Reclusa