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HEXUS Reader Review: Gigabyte SkyVision WS100

by HEXUS Reader on 7 August 2012, 10:18 4.5

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Whilst gaming on my PS3 I decided to use Guitar Hero 3 to test for any lag. I have found that it was exactly the same when doing the guitar tuning as if the PS3 was connected directly via HDMI cable. This is definitely a good thing when your inner rock god is making the crowd happy and you are strumming along digitally to the classics!

I also decided to test a few varying PC titles running in 1080p with maximum detail and Vsync enabled. I used Alan Wake, Homefront, Far Cry 2, Red Faction Armageddon and just for the fun of it The Last Ninja 2 on the Commodore 64 given that the machine is 30 years old this month. Additionally where available I enabled the surround sound to push the SkyVision on both picture and sound quality.

I am happy to report that I experienced no issues whatsoever, there was no noticeable form of lag between my movement and what I was seeing on my TV. I was also using my standard Microsoft ergonomic wireless keyboard and mouse combination without issue.

When using the SkyVision you have the option to either clone your desktop or actually use the HDMI out to extend your desktop, this type of setup can be done in the ATI or NVIDIA control panel. As an example your main PC screen could be used for web surfing and on your TV screen you could be showing a movie or playing a game. It doesn't matter whether you are a gamer or more into home media the SkyVision box is ideal for anyone in the house.

For businesses and schools the device could also be invaluable. The transmitter and receiver are pretty small so would fit into any laptop bag with ease. This device would be ideal for showing presentations to colleagues at work or streaming some form of promotional video, and, of course, you could have it up and running in seconds. Schools once again could see the benefit of having no need for HDMI leads as a teacher could run a lesson from a laptop to a projector from opposite ends of the room. This also helps with health and safety in the workplace as no long wires are trailing across the floor to trip over.

Summing up Gigabyte's SkyVision is quite an easy thing for me to do. Previously I have ran a five metre HDMI lead from my PC to the TV screen across the floor! It is literally one of those peripherals that is ideal regardless of the type of user you are. The simplicity in setting it up makes it a must have gadget for business users and home users alike, you can free up some of your TV's HDMI ports by having a few transmitters attached to the different devices in your room.

Everything you could possibly need to get up and running is included in the box. The device comes with the USB power lead (albeit a bit short for PS3 with the USB ports being on the front of the machine), gold-tipped HDMI lead and plug with micro USB connector, and of course the transmitter and receiver are also in the box. Only minor gripe presently is that the plug that came with my sample is an American one (with swappable power ends similar to the way Blackberry do their plugs), so I have had to use an electric shaver plug and spare mobile phone charger to get power to the receiver on different occasions. When the device lands in the UK though from what I have read around the net Gigabyte will be including the UK adapter.

The Good

Simple to setup
Plug and play connectivity
High transmission band doesn't affect other wireless devices
Ideal for many different users at home or in business
Full 1080p HD streaming
5.1 audio playback

The Bad

No remote control
American Plug presently
Currently no stock in UK

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Gigabyte SkyVision WS100

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Gigabyte SkyVision WS100

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No remote to switch devices - kind of limits its usefulness I'd say… You've got to stick the box on prominent view to push the buttons!
The receiver box is tiny, hardly notice it at all.

Its about 4 inches square and about 1.5 inches deep. I have it sat at the back of my TV stand which is black glass so it kind of blends in.

My only disappointment is lack of remote control, you have the 3 buttons (Home, Left & Right) on the front of the box so when adding extra devices you need to use these 3 buttons to enter the names of additional devices so can end up messing up naming at times! But it works fantastic, one of my favorite products ever must admit, hated having to run a long HDMI cable from my PC across the middle of the front room. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

I would have gave it 5 out of 5 if it had a remote control its that good!
I really like the sounds of this and know plenty of people that would find plenty of uses for having one receiver and several transmitters.

What I am more curious about though is whether this device can be use with one transmitter and multiple receivers? Can the transmitter be used in a SkyHD box?
You know, I didn't actually try it on my Sky box, didn't think about that in all honesty!

It does have a USB port on the back, will give it a try in the next 10 mins or so and get back to you on it.

EDIT : Yes it works on the Sky box, however the USB on the Sky box will not supply power to the transmitter. So I plugged it in and then had to use a spare micro USB phone charger I have lying about and once I had power it sprang straight to life with no issues and no messing about :)
Thanks Ferral for such a quick response and for taking the time to test and verify this. :clapping: