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Dell's Intel-based Windows 10 smartphone renders revealed

by Mark Tyson on 7 November 2016, 11:01

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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This weekend well known smartphone leaker @evleaks published some images of a previously unseen mobile phone. Mr Blass described this mobile as being "Powered by a laptop-class Intel processor," and asked, "Would this have blown your mind?" According to Thurrott.com the pictured smartphone was a Windows 10 'holy grail device', not the fabled Microsoft Surface Phone but a device made by well known systems maker Dell.

Mysteriously, the Thurrott article says that the future almost arrived via Dell "but barriers have stopped this device from reaching the market." Its sources familiar with the phone model confirm that this was a Dell branded Windows 10 mobile with an Intel x86 processor inside.

After being questioned about the device renders by various newshounds @evleaks revealed that the Dell Windows 10 mobile is/was "much more than a concept" and asked his Twitter followers to stay tuned. Another image accompanied this teaser with the smartphone shown in use in various environments.

In further details about the product from Thurrott, the mobile apparently had a laptop-like companion to make the most of the Continuum experience. Looking a bit more about the reasons this smartphone was shelved, it was likely down to Intel's decision to give up on its low-end Atom processor development.

It is noted that the HP Elite X3 gets close to the functionality offered by the Dell phone but its Continuum usage is limited due to its ARM processor and therefore its tie to mobile apps.

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Fair play for taking another stab at WinMo but I think it's near-death :/
Fair play for taking another stab at WinMo but I think it's near-death :/
I'm not sure it's near death, doesn't help with MS putting EVERYTHING onto Android and iOS first, but I can see it going MS Surface only and being aimed at businesses.

The funny thing is I'd actually pick a mid range WinMo phone over Apple or Android because of the rest of my MS integration at home/work but the one I'd be looking at seems so overpriced compared with the same spec Android phone. Admittedly I'm not a snapchat or similar user but for my usage (telephone calls/texts, navigation, web, email and ‘office’ stuff) it would suit me fine.
I loved my Windows Phones, but the platform was dead for me when (during an absurdly long OS redesign which apparently still isn't complete) they announced a guarantee that the app gap was over - that virtually anything on Android/iOS could and would come to WP, thanks to a cross-platform authoring system. The deployment window came and went, and Microsoft shrugged and pootled on.

Nobody can dangle a carrot that large in front of its audience and not deliver. Its already small base suffered an exodus of people like me who had had enough of being treated poorly as customers. It's a shame, because it's a truly lovely OS in many ways, but they got into a whack-a-mole situation with bugs, and the new bugs that raised their heads were major. At one point, I couldn't reliably make or receive calls for a month and a half - an ability which a lot of people would say was a key reason for buying a phone in the first place. This bug resurfaced later, multiple times.

The last phone I had was a flagship of its year, the Lumia 920. It had a serious overheating issue affecting all owners. There was a solution: turn off Bluetooth, turn off NFC. But even as this became clear, MS never admitted it was a fault. It was more important to them to keep selling a phone as having NFC/Bluetooth functionality than to consider the customers who, after suffering a phone getting to cooking temperature while idle in their pockets, would go to Android and never look back.
It's dead as a platform. Apps are being discontinued left right and centre. Amazon app has gone, facebook app is months out of date. Lots of other insanely popular apps are not available. You actually tried to buy one recently?
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