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Samsung announces mid-tier Galaxy A30s, A50s smartphones

by Mark Tyson on 22 August 2019, 14:11

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS)

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Samsung has announced a couple of new smartphones as upgrades to its mid-tier offerings. Forming the centre ground of Samsung's best-selling Galaxy A-series, the new Galaxy A30s and A50s phones both feature designs that will help users 'Play, Capture, Share' with style. The two smartphones both offer 6.4-inch AMOLED infinity displays with in-screen fingerprint sensors, a cool geometric pattern design round the back, long-lasting 4,000mAh batteries, upgraded cameras, and upgraded performance for everyday tasks.

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Samsung's Galaxy A30s is built around a 6.4-inch HD+ (720×1560) Super AMOLED Infinity-V display with under-screen fingerprint sensor. Triple rear cameras should attract those who like to take snaps with their phones. Samsung has equipped 25MP (F1.7) + 5MP + 8MP (Ultra Wide) in the back left corner of this phone. The 5MP camera is used as a depth sensor for Live Focus plus "professional-quality bokeh effects". Meanwhile the screen notch allows for a 16MP (f/2.0 selfie snapper). Samsung says it has implemented AI camera processing for smarter, better results.

Inside the phone is a Dual 1.8GHz + Hexa 1.6Hz processor plus 3GB / 4GB RAM, and a choice of 32GB / 64GB /128GB of built-in storage plus up to 512GB additional space via microSD.

The Samsung Galaxy A50s offers the same size Super AMOLED screen but this time it uses a small U shaped notch and has a higher resolution (FHD+ 1080×2340). Cameras are all higher spec too. Round the back is a 48MP (F2.0) + 5MP + 8MP (Ultra Wide 123°) with the 5MP unit again serving as a depth sensor. Using the UltraWide camera users can enjoy super-steady video capture, even for fast-paced scenes. The selfie camera is a 32MP (F2.0) unit.

Inside the A50s is a Quad 2.3GHz + Quad 1.7GHz processor with 4GB / 6GB RAM and choice of 64GB / 128GB storage (plus up to 512GB additional space via microSD). This phone supports Bixby while the AI assistant isn't mentioned in the A30s spec.

Both phones support 15W fast charging of their 4,000mAh battery via USB Type C. and will come in a choice of Prism Crush Black, Prism Crush White, Prism Crush Green and Prism Crush Violet depending upon market.

Samsung hasn't divulged pricing and availability details for the Galaxy A30s and A50s smartphones.

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hmmmmm looks nice. I can't no longer justify phone prices at £1,000 anymore. Mid range phones for the win
hmmmmm looks nice. I can't no longer justify phone prices at £1,000 anymore. Mid range phones for the win

I'm getting there also. They removed the 3.5mm jack from the Note and I was going to buy that but for a grand I expect everything and no compromises. Especially for something where the justification for removal is “space” and it's the size of a brick. So for me it'll probably be a mid ranger next time and, ironically, I'll probably find one with a 3.5mm jack.

They are trying to force people into buying extras like the USB-C to 3.5mm dongle that isn't in the box or the Bluetooth earphones they've just magically made just for solving the problem that didn't need to exist and they created. Also removing the microSD slot removes one of the major reasons I'd buy the note - to pop my video camera footage onto it and have a screen and phone decent enough to do some limited editing on the move.

Also, the SoCs are so decent now that the only reason for buying a high end phone is for the GPU which I don't use properly as I don't game on a phone. So I'm not going to miss out by buying a lower end phone or, in this case, hanging onto my old phone for loads longer because they're removing useful, well established features and not adding anything actually useful. So I can use a pen to take a photo. Great. Why can't I listen to my music and charge like I've been doing for years?

Keeping features like this that say, 80% of people don't use is not going to lose you a single customer. Who have you ever met who has said “I'm not buying that because it has an SD slot and a 3.5mm jack!”? No one. But that 20% who have made using those bits part of day to day life are going to be annoyed. And they will walk. 20% is a lot of customer base.

I'm sure they have done the calculation and think that the number of people who don't buy another Samsung ever will be offset by the number of people who buy the phone AND the extra bits and bats required to get around the problem created especially to allow them the opportunity to hand over more money.

This doesn't make me angry. It makes me furious.
hmmmmm looks nice. I can't no longer justify phone prices at £1,000 anymore. Mid range phones for the win
Alternatively, go high-end but, not the latest model. I got a Galaxy S8, earlier this year via Tesco. The charge for the phone itself was down 41% from the launch price. Having said that, my next phone is likely to be mid-range as they are so good now.