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Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor was moved in "last minute" change

by Mark Tyson on 14 March 2017, 14:31

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We have looked with interest at the development of the Samsung Galaxy S8 through various leaks over recent months. The earliest rumours were all about the screen, and sources as credible as Bloomberg reported that the S8 would have a fingerprint sensor embedded behind the glass. This move tied in with Samsung's design strategy of removing the physical home and navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. We even saw some third party case designs and other leaks where this design seemed to be in progress.

Last month we saw the first photographs of a purported Samsung Galaxy S8+ with a fingerprint sensor on the back. Rival brands often locate a rear fingerprint sensor below the camera(s), so it was eyebrow-raising to see Samsung had apparently decided to place the sensor to one side of the camera lens.

Yesterday The Korea Herald business investor section published what it claims to be the reason for the change in fingerprint sensor type and location. According to its industry sources, Samsung intended to be the first company to embed a fingerprint sensor under a smartphone main display. Unfortunately "California-based Synaptics failed to develop the technology on time," thus leaving Samsung with a last-minute decision to put a traditional fingerprint sensor somewhere on the back of the phone.

Biometric sensor and module makers including Goodix (China) and CrucialTec (South Korea) demonstrated their respective under screen sensor technologies during the MWC Barcelona in February but neither had a commercialisation schedule. It's hard to know how well Samsung's chosen Synaptics technology performed other than it wasn't up to scratch as the production deadline for smartphones got perilously close. "Samsung poured resources into Synaptics’ fledgling technology last year but the results were frustrating," the industry insider(s) told The Korea Herald.

Following Samsung's slip-up it might be Apple that manages to get the first all-screen flagship smartphone to market with an embedded transparent sensor. Meanwhile, making up somewhat for the fingerprint smudge, Samsung is said to have included advanced "0.01 second" facial recognition software in the Galaxy S8, as an alternative biometric security measure.

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Let's see if the S8 gets ceritifed by someone other than Samsung itself like it hapened with the 7
I still have my S5. Great phone.
I can get that they needed to relocated the fingerprint sensor.. but what's with putting it so close to the camera lens?
I can get that they needed to relocated the fingerprint sensor.. but what's with putting it so close to the camera lens?

I don't think it'll be as bad as you expect. I use my S6's sensor a lot to monitor my pulse for health reasons, and even when I used it the first time I didn't touch the lens - never have since, either. It becomes a very fast move almost immediately, and you'll slide your finger towards the spot anyway. With the camera having such a large bump, you'll stop automatically long before you're at risk of touching the lens.

I also had the G4, which had its “screen on” switch right next to the lens. Even though that one had no camera bump, I still didn't hit it accidentally.
I sense I'm not going to buy it anyway…