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Samsung bringing Blockbuster films to connected devices

by Steven Williamson on 20 February 2012, 13:47

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS), Blockbuster (US)

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Reports are coming in that Samsung may have struck a deal with movie rental firm Blockbuster to stream films directly to its full range of connected devices.

SmartHouse claims that the service will rollout in the UK and Europe in the first half of 2012 and will allow users to stream films on Samsung-branded Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, smartphones, tablets, notebooks and Ultrabooks.

The deal has apparently been confirmed by Paul Uniacke, the CEO of the Franchise Entertainment Group, the operator of the Blockbuster and Video Ezy chains in Australia and Asia. Speaking about the new partnership, he simply said: "The Samsung deal is a brilliant deal."

The Blockbuster OnDemand service launched on select Samsung HDTVs, Home Theatre Systems and Blu-ray Players in 2009, but this new deal looks like it will extend to all devices

If true, this is great news for Blockbuster, who suffered significant losses due to the rapid growth of online rental and streaming services such as Netflix and LoveFilm.

After shutting down hundreds of physical stores worldwide, Blockbuster now focuses largely on online rentals and last year launched the Blockbuster Marketplace, where customers can buy second-hand DVDs, Blu-rays and games.

Neither Samsung nor Blockbuster have officially confirmed the new partnership.

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With Lovefilm getting a good head start in the UK I wonder if there is room for more VOD services. And the audience is limited if its only available to Samsung.
Considering what LFs service is like, there is plenty of room for more VOD services!

Netflix has a far superior service (from a technical standpoint) and I've just cancelled my subs with them as I've run out of content to watch :(

LFs IQ is way below par for me to even consider watching.

Gief moar!
True, I've just got lovefilm available on my LG TV and the content is very limited and the quality is not very good. I am more happy to walk upto my Blockbusters and get the bluray for £1.
I do like that lovefilm offer TV series's to watch, dunno if the competitors do this. Plus lovefilm is only £5 per month, which is not asking much.
Netflix has sod all selection, lovefilm is good but lacks much streaming content…. there is plenty more room for Spotify like services IMO.

£20-25 a month and unlimited streaming with a wide selection? Is that too much to ask for?
£20-25 a month and unlimited streaming with a wide selection? Is that too much to ask for?

£20-£25 per month… yeah in this economy I don't see many people taking that option. I think £5 per month is fantastic, anything more would be silly as rentals are usually £1 per film from Blockbusters and then you get the full quality of bluray.

If you watch £25 of rentals a month then possibly you need to get out more and do a little exercise :)