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The Beeb dreams of becoming a £50million publisher

by Steven Williamson on 25 November 2010, 12:50

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The BBC wants to become a force to be reckoned within the gaming industry and believes it could become a £50million publisher within the next few years.

Having already self-published the likes of Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time, Top Gear: Stunt School and Teletubbies: My First App for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone, BBC Worldwide believes it has the iconic brands to achieve such success and plans to release a variety of games across all formats.

Digital Directors of BBC Worldwide, Daniel Heaf and Claude London, believe that BBC revenue from the industry could hit 10% of its turnover in 2012, stating that brands such as Top Gear are just as relevant as the likes of Call of Duty.

The Doctor Who franchise looks likely to be top of the BBC's assault on the industry. Earlier this year, Dave Anderson, head of multimedia development at BBC Worldwide, spoke of the company's plans to deliver "boxed product console games, virtual worlds and other experiences" based around the brand.

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Top Gear you say? how about they give Bizarre Creations a call.
Top Gear you say? how about they give Bizarre Creations a call.
Funnily enough, I was going to say Top Gear too - how about a TG special version of Dirt3 when it comes out - be a good chance to replace some/all of the major “stars” (very few I've heard of - meh) with someone I'd recognise.

Chance to take on Hamster in his Bowler in Rally-Raid mode could be good fun. :D Even add a few extra tracks based on the trips the guys have done (e.g. swamps in the Deep South of the US, African Deserts, Nurburgring, snow track - Arctic Gran Prix?)

(Stopped watching Doctor Who when the new guy took over)

Doing stuff in Flash doesn't make you a major game producer in my book.
Top Gear: Ok, it would be good if done right

Doctor who: forget it, far too multi layered to make it work without having the worlds best devs and 5-10 years to make it
I can't see them succeeding tbh.
Given that almost every householder is effectively a shareholder in the BBC if they start ever making a profit they should pay dividends back or at least reduce their TV licence tax.

Probably a more realistic turn of events is that their project will overrun and budget will spiral out of control so they will just increase the licence fee to cover it…. :help::whip: