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Autonomous HEXO+ drone for easy professional aerial filming

by Mark Tyson on 16 June 2014, 10:32

Tags: Kickstarter, PC

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A new autonomous drone that will capture aerial action footage, without any need of being controlled, has been spotted on Kickstarter. It's called the HEXO+. This crowdfunded camera drone, which is backed by a number of extreme sports athletes, is a robotic hexacopter which will intelligently follow the user and film them aerially.

HEXO+ can detect the user's location and follow them by simply following their smartphone. A smartphone app will allow the user to set the distance and position between themselves (or any subject carrying the phone) and the drone. Then a 3D model of the camera's point of view will be viewable in the app, allowing users to know exactly where the drone will fly and adjust it accordingly. The system works at ranges of up to 50m.  

Once filming begins, the drone can respond to the slightest of movements and continuously reposition itself to match the filming parameters set beforehand. The creators also guarantee "extra-smooth stabilised camera movements" whilst boasting of the drone's ability to travel up to a speed of 43mph. This means that the camera can keep up with the action and that users can capture "angles that are virtually impossible to achieve with traditional means."

For those movie makers and action sports lovers out there that are interested, getting your hands on the HEXO+ comes at a not insignificant price. Those who pledge will need to fund at least $499 for a HEXO+ alone, where $699 will get them both the drone and a GoPro camera. However, if it does achieve Hollywood-style action shots, whilst taking the difficulty and high costs out of aerial filming, it could turn out to be a money saving solution for some.

Take a look at the video below, where many examples of HEXO+'s abilities are shown.

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A very similar project launched today which is called the AirDog. The guys behind the project wanted to tell me that it is a “GoPro compatible, easy to use, unique autonomous drone technology for sports enthusiasts”. They also said that “AirDog is a huge breakthrough in personal drone technology, featuring fully autonomous action, high-performance specifications, gyro stabilization, and GoPro gimbal. No remote control skills required.” Please follow the link if you are interested.
Clearly following in Razer's footsteps ;)