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Details of next-gen Apple TV leaked

by Scott Bicheno on 28 May 2010, 16:43

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Back at ya

We figured it wouldn't be long before Apple responded to the Google TV announcement of a week ago and possible details of the next-generation Apple TV (wouldn't it be funny if Apple bought ITV just for the name? - Ed) are already starting to leak out, according to tech blog Engadget.

According to Engadget's sources, Apple has been a lot busier on the Apple TV project than it's led us to believe. It looks set to be yet another utilisation of the A4 SoC/iPhone OS combination, so much so that it has been described as an iPhone without a screen. The relatively small amount of storage this entails will be rendered unimportant by the whole platform being geared up to stream from the cloud.

This efficient use of existing Apple hardware and software resources will apparently allow Apple to offer the future Apple TV device at a very competitive price of $99. While Apple is not expected to announce the next-gen Apple TV at the impending developer conference - although it must be tempting to go head-to-head with Google - the feeling is that it's not too far away.

In some ways the Internet TV market is not dissimilar to the mobile Internet one, in so much as it's all about enabling access to the full capabilities of the Internet via a consumer electronics device, as opposed to a PC.

While the TV remains primarily a static device and, of course, there's already a very well established advertising model already in place, this has all the makings of another front - alongside things like in-vehicle infotainment - in the campaign to make the Internet truly ubiquitous.


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If it was about this price - it may start to actually be interesting…
The App Store angle could actually drive this, the problem with the original apple tv was that it had nothing unique, and did nothing at all well.

The further apple get away from their PC model, the better they will do imho!
Google TV should, hopefully, be much more open than the Apple offering. I don't want to be locked in to itunes as my only means of content delivery; I'd much prefer to be able to run my own DVB-T/S/T2/S2 back-end and then have a front-end that's able to access it.
Apple do make nice consumer devices but at the loss of control as to how I use that device will always put me off them.

Ideally, I'm hoping for someone to look at the MythTV client-server approach and aim to build something similar. Have the heavy back-end capable of recording shows and downloading and storing content from the cloud married (bigamously) to front-end(s) under all the televisions in the house and even to ipad-like devices that can act as front-ends.
"Tech blog Engadget reckons it will use the A4 chip, be cloud-based and only cost $99."

It is going to be a blast!

$99… plus lock-in to large monthly subscription no doubt. Pass.

Gimme a shout when you can run something like Boxee on it, then I'll have a look.