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At last, a remote that doesn't require batteries

by Parm Mann on 20 November 2009, 10:58

Tags: NEC (FRA:NEC1)

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Japanese companies NEC Electronics and Soundpower Corporation have demoed a prototype remote control that doesn't require batteries.

Designed for use with everyday home appliances such as TVs, the remote generates its own power by using a vibration-based device developed by Soundpower. There's no thorough explanation of how it works just yet, but we're presuming it uses some form of piezoelectric effect to harvest energy from button presses.

Using tiny amounts of self-generated electricity, the remote is able to send signals to nearby devices.

Despite starting development in 2006, the remote remains at the prototype stage and its designers don't expect it to make it to retail until at least 2011. Nonetheless, it's bound to have the Energiser Bunny shaking in its boots.

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Pah - This is why we have children. :)
is this a wind-up?

actually, no

a real wind-up remote
@ Ā£19.99

Given that remotes seem so low power (batteries last a year or more),
something like the kinetic wristwatch would even work - which may be what they are doing here.
My guess is this is like those watches that charge as you walk… the remote will charge as you chuck it about, and given that what most people tend to do when the remote is flaky is to shake it… winner?
With the amount of talent(less) shows on TV, perhaps it runs on cheese?