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Gyration launches Air Music Remote

by Parm Mann on 9 September 2008, 15:45

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Gyration, the California-based consumer electronics branch of Movea, has announced the retail availability of its Air Music Remote.

The motion-sensing device, pictured below, is the successor to the HEXUS-recommended Media Center Remote and packs one additional feature - a backlit LCD panel.

The 1.75in blue LCD panel displays your music content from Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, or Apple's iTunes.

It's an aesthetically-pleasing upgrade, but the remote's list of features don't appear to offer anything else new. The Air Music Remote, however, does still offer the impressive gyroscopic motion-sensing technology for in-air navigation, negating the need of a mouse for various Media Center uses.

As with the older Media Center Remote, the device can be configured to control other audio/video components, and provides a range of up to 100 feet.

Greg Smith, vice president for marketing at Movea Inc., said:

We are excited about the early acceptance of our Air Music Remote. The positive reaction from retailers validates how powerful our MotionSense technology is in solving the key user interface challenges facing consumers in the digitally connected home.

The Gyration Air Music Remote is available now priced at Ā£179.99, or $229.99 when purchased with a bundled wireless keyboard. For a closer look at what Gyration's motion-sensing technology can do, refer to our in-depth review of the Gyration Media Center Remote.


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It would be interesting to know what the battery life is, with the added display and backlighting, as this device doesn't use rechargables. Just how long will 4 x AAs last?
My problem with the last version is that it can't switch multiple devices on with one button press. I have to switch mode to PC, press power button, switch mode to TV, press power button, switch mode to Amp, press power button…

So can this new version do macros?