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Man dies after watching James Cameron's Avatar in 3D

by Parm Mann on 20 January 2010, 10:01

Tags: Twentieth Century Fox

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We've often complained that today's 3D technology leaves us with a splitting headache, but for one Taiwanese viewer, it appears to have had far more severe consequences.

According to reports in Asia, a 42-year-old male moviegoer named Kuo died of a brain hemorrhage after watching a 3D screening of James Cameron's special effects extravaganza, Avatar.

Mr Kuo is said to have had a history of high blood pressure and reportedly fell ill after a viewing of the movie earlier this month in Hsinchu, a city in northern Taiwan.

He was later taken to hospital, where a scan revealed that his brain was hemorrhaging. Mr Kuo died from his symptoms 11 days later.

Hospital doctor, Peng Chin-chih, claims Kuo's condition was likely to have been triggered by "over-excitement from watching the movie".

Having taken over $1 billion at the box office within three weeks of its release, Avatar has become the world's second-highest grossing film of all time, behind only James Cameron's 1997 movie, Titanic.

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Hmmm did he get to see a different film from me? Whilst very pretty I found it utterly predicable, hardly “exciting”. Perhaps it was not taking bathroom breaks as the film was sooo long!
Not a fan of the film at all, I found the silly blue giants irritating, the story boring & cliched. Only good bits were the special effects & 3Dness, though the cracking headache I had all evening afterwards kind of overules them.
3D The Last Samurai in space…
It was a good film but I really dont think it lived upto the hype…
Sorry if it's old but:

I haven't seen that one!