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Final WALL-E trailer gives a better look at Pixar's latest movie

by Parm Mann on 19 March 2008, 13:32

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Could this be Pixar's best effort yet?

The initial teaser trailer and Super Bowl advertisement were enough to make me find myself somehow attached to the latest small yet adorable creation coming from Pixar studios; a robot going by the name of WALL-E.

Now, the final trailer has been made available and things haven't changed much - we're loving this robot more than ever.

Some might have seen him as an ET turned Johnny Five remake to begin with, but watching these short trailers alone is enough to thoroughly enjoy WALL-E's charisma. We can't wait to see how the movie pans out when it hits UK theatres on July 18th.

If you're rather avoid the above YouTube trailer, an HD version is available from

We're sure we'll all be hearing a whole lot more about WALL-E later this year, early impressions make us believe that this could be one of the movies of the year.

The marketing potential is on par with Toy Story too, robots are becoming all the rage these days and WALL-E will only help continue that trend. Expect WALL-E robot toys to be hot sellers this Christmas, I know I'll want one!

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I saw this last week, i can't wait for the release of the movie itself, from the trailers it looks awesome
I've really enjoyed all the trailers for this one, and although I'm delighted they've expanded on the story and what's going to happen, that trailer seemed really fragmented. Still looking great though. Will be downloading the HD version later.
Looks very promising, saw the display at the cinema last weekend and i'm sure it was speaking to me :crazy:
Certainly looks like it's going to be worth watching