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Sky Q to add Spotify, HDR, and voice queries in spring

by Mark Tyson on 27 February 2018, 13:01

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Today Sky has announced some impending innovations and upgrades to Sky Q that it intends to roll out in the UK and Ireland starting next month. Spotify is on its way to the platform, as is HDR, 1000s of hours of new UHD content, and extended voice controls for finding content.

Of all the new features, Sky seems to think that the biggest deal is the introduction of Spotify. The Spotify functionality will be a great new feature for owners of the new Sky Soundbox, to provide a high quality home music solution, says Sky. Listen to Spotify via your TV speakers, or via paired AirPlay or Bluetooth devices.

Spotify provides access to over 35 million songs and offers access to curated playlists. Example playlists are; Hot Hits UK, Easy 90s and Massive Dance Hits. Sky Q customers can use the ad-supported Spotify service for free or log in with their personal premium account.

Other interesting upgrades on the way to Sky Q subscribers are as follows:

  • Ultra HD content available to double this year, with over 1,000 hours of UHD content including the Spider-Man franchise.
  • HDR content will be launched
  • Sky Q Kids mode is a quick, easy, and safe mode for child friendly content. This mode has an accompanying app
  • Sky Q's Voice functionality will be extended to give customers the ability to ask for personalised recommendations and app specific requests
  • Sports section will be personalised to reflect customer’s favourite sports and teams
  • Overall a more personalised experience will be delivered thanks to machine learning
  • A new widescreen UI is on the way with a home page featuring 'Most Recent Recordings' and 'Favourite Channels' along with editorially curated selections of Box Sets, Movies, and Catch-Up TV
  • Sky Q multi-screen packages will be more generous with the device count
  • Sky Q app will become available on smart TVs and third-party devices

Sky Q costs from £20 per month, with an 18 month minimum term.

Sky bidding war?

In other Sky news today the previous company purchase offer by 21st Century Fox, a tricky one for the UK competition regulator to digest, has been beaten by an offer from Comcast. Comcast are offering £12.50 per Sky share - 13 per cent than the existing 21CF offer.

Sky shares have rocketed beyond that offer price in the hope / expectation of a bidding war between 21CF and Comcast. At the time of writing Sky shares have risen 20 per cent to £13.34.

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I have been hoping they would add HDR for quite a while, this is good news for me
Come one Virgin, catch up, I want to see if Broadcast HLG works on my telly!
Good news have been waiting for HDR to finally make its way over to Sky Q :) I suspect it will be on download content only (like UHD) but thats fine with me.
Come one Virgin, catch up, I want to see if Broadcast HLG works on my telly!

Can't you just do that by viewing the HDR content on the iplayer as the BBC use HLG?

I remember doing that when i got my 4k TV last month using Blue Planet II.
iPlayer on my V6 didn't register as being able to play the HLG sample.

Edit: Plus I have an amp in between the V6 and the telly, which is not capable of passing through HLG.

Lightbulb: I need a new amp…. Might be able to sneak it through later this year.