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Sony announces first high-speed XQD memory cards

by Steven Williamson on 6 January 2012, 11:47

Tags: Sony (NYSE:SNE)

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The Sony XQD memory card format has been officially announced today, bringing with it high-speed data transfer capability for high-end cameras.

Based on the PCI Express specification, the XQD format is aimed at improving digital image capture speed and performance and is capable of capturing up to 100 frames in RAW format in continuous shooting mode.

The new form factor makes these cards smaller and more robust than current CF and SD cards and they boast write speeds of 125MB/S with a theoretical maximum of 5Gb/s, or around 600MB/s.

Advanced shooters want to capture the moment in the highest quality possible, and that often means dealing with massive files like RAW images,” said Viviano Cantu, director of consumer media for Sony Electronics.

Memory card technology has done a great job of keeping pace, but these new cards give an entirely new meaning to speed and performance.”

Along with the new XQD cards, Sony has launched a USB card reader for transferring data to PC, as well as an ExpressCard Adapter for systems with ExpressCard 34 card slots.

The XQD cards will go on sale in February costing $129.99/102 Euro for the 16 GB QD-H16 card, and $229.99/180 Euro for the 32GB QD-H32 card. The card reader (MRW-E80) will cost $44.99/35.20 Euro.

The announcement fits in nicely with the arrival of the Nikon D4 high-end DSLR, which has been officially unveiled today and will be the first camera to support the format.

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Sony and new memory card format…. Jesus
It might be fast, but how much! a 16GB class 10 sd card is £15 ($23) and 32GB class 10 for £28 ($43)
I also laugh at the ‘up to 100 raw images a second’ yeah probably at vga res!
In camera's burst mode is far more useful than continuous shooting as well you may as well be shooting video instead.
Burst mode is more dependant on how much ram (/buffer) the camera has and how it writes this out to storage.
Another flipping memory card format and even the Nikon D4 has one of the slots too!:censored:

Why can't it be standardised to just SD and CF??
Why can't it be standardised to just SD and CF??

TBH, I'd like to see it standardised to some kind of “internal USB slot”