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Adobe "unblur" technology: one-click to sharpen images

by Steven Williamson on 12 October 2011, 09:58

Tags: Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE)

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Adobe has unveiled an early prototype of a new technology that is able to “unblur” a photograph after the shot has been taken.

Revealed at the company’s MAX 2011 trade show, the technology will be able to trace the movements of the camera at the precise moment the image was taken, reverse the wobbling that has caused the blur, and then sharpen the image with one-click.

Adobe explains the technology behind the “unblur” feature in the video below…

Though it's an early prototype, Adobe has hinted that "unblur" technology may appear in a future version of Photoshop. No wonder the audience were gasping.

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Impressive. I must admit I've not looked wider to see if this sort of technology is out anywhere else (quite often there are similar-but-better programs produced by Universities before the tools eventually make it into Photoshop), but this is certainly one of those “That's going to be a MAJOR advancement” moments!
That is pretty damn clever.
*Cough* http://www.nist.gov/lispix/imlab/FFT/deblur.html :P

It's clever, but only if you have the right parameters.
Now we can solve murders in some osbscure way!

Looks like the line between fact and fiction, has been unblurred… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5NQlpZp238&feature=related
Can anyone see this happening in CSI.