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AC Ryan brings GUI2.0 to original Playon! devices

by Navin Maini on 10 June 2011, 14:09

Tags: AC Ryan

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AC Ryan has announced that its Playon! GUI2.0 Graphical User Interface has been launched for Playon!HD, Playon!HD Mini and Playon!DVR HD models.

The company tells us that GUI2.0 enhances the intuitiveness, user friendliness and overall operational experience of Playon! devices, and that this fresh roll-out follows on from the debut of GUI2.0 with the Playon!HD Essential in November 2010, followed by the Playon!HD2 and Playon!HD Mini 2 models in February 2011.

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If you havent updated your firmware for a while bare in mind that you have to update the firmware in stages

For example : there are 3 updates for the Player …

You can't go from update 3 to update 1 .. it has to be in order , update 1 then 2 the 3 etc

Just incase you update and get the Incomaptible bootloader error :)

Hope that makes sense :)