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ARCHOS TV+ to beat out Apple TV?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 3 September 2007, 17:45

Tags: TV+, Archos (EPA:JXR)

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Could this be a big rival to Apple TV?

ARCHOS's TV+ is the company's first set-top digital video recorder and ships with a choice of hard disk - 80GiB or 250GiB.

The TV+ features WiFi, USB2.0 and Ethernet, along with an HDMI port for outputting 720p video to big-screen LCD TV sets. It's compatible with any ARCHOS Generation 5 PMP, so streaming should be simple. We also note that it ships with a built-in TV program guide - used in conjunction with a set-top box - that is a cinch to use.

ARCHOS is keen to point out that a number of plug-ins can be installed to enhance usability. For example, a web-browser plug-in turns it into an internet-enabled machine, along with Flash support for, say, watching HEXUS.tv. The unit includes with a cool-looking QWERTY remote-control, too.

The range of outputs is superior to Apple's, as well, with correctly-scaled standard-definition outputs, not just HD. The 80GB model should begin shipping soon for around £179. The 250GB model will attract an £80 premium.

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This is cool,
I've been looking for a mix between the classic settop box PVR and the networked mediabox… Noboady seems to do it… until then… Shame it's not 1080p…

I'll get one as soon as it's out…
That looks good - I've been dabbling with media centre and streaming and this could well be an addition to Pollaxe Towers - though it's a bit pricey..
I'm a little confused…. I first thought this would be a perfect solution for me. I currently have the excellent Humax PVR-9200, which would move upstairs to be replaced by this…

But then I notice there is no free-view decoder built into the Archos? So I guess I need a Freeview decoder seperate or built into the TV… so then how does the Archos control the freeview decoder to ensure that the correct program is selected when recording? Or is it more like a VCR type recording, where you select the right channel first, then hit “Record” until program ends?

If this is so, then the Humax will stay right where it is, and I guess I use the Archos for the web & streaming content from my PC only, and not for the Freeview viewing?

I hope this makes sense, any comments?
It's not hard to compete against the feature-stripped “hobby” Apple TV, that's hardly a recommendation :D.