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GRIFFIN launches ultimate iPod speaker dock. Wireless is the way to go

by Tarinder Sandhu on 2 September 2007, 12:54

Tags: Griffin Technology

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There's been an explosion in the number of iPod-related accessories hitting the market recently. That's of no surprise, really, considering that over 100 million of Mr Jobs' audio players have been sold, and speaker docks, the burgeoning accessory, have been produced by pretty much everybody.

GRIFFIN is a well-known iPod specialist and its Evolve wireless stereo system caught our eye.

The Evolve's 4in speakers feature a 150ft wireless range and are pre-configured with a unique network ID, resulting in correct identification of left/right when placed around the home. Powered by a li-ion battery and capable of receiving wireless audio at CD-quality rate (44.1KHz, 16-bit), GRIFFIN reckons they have a 10-hour battery life, and you simply put them back on the Evolve dock to charge. Furthermore, you can add additional speakers which'll mesh with the base's network ID. The remote carries a 150ft range, too.

Auxiliary inputs offer connectivity for other portable audio devices, and you can export video, should it be enabled on the device, through the S-Video port on the back.

Sound quality was surprisingly good and retail availability in Europe is mooted for January 2007 - pricing will be around Ā£250.

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