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GRIFFIN launches four-device iPod-charging dock and Evolve wireless speakers

by Tarinder Sandhu on 9 January 2008, 15:53

Tags: Griffin Technology

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We first laid eyes on GRIFFIN's Evolve wireless-speaker iPod dock at last year's IFA show in Berlin. Posing as the ultimate dock in a sea littered with hundreds of competitors, the fact that you could move the speakers up to 150ft away from the base unit yet still retain CD-quality sound via radio-based technology, gave it a serious advantage over homogenous products.

We were told that additional speakers could be added to the system that would mesh with the base unit's network ID.

GRIFFIN has now formally announced the availability of said speakers. A single speaker will cost you $99 whilst the base unit upon which it's charged will set you back a further $39. However, should you buy two together, the base/charging units are free. You can keep adding (preferably pairs) of speakers for different rooms in the house. The only downside, we suppose, is that the iPod control is centralised to the base.

Here's something simple and elegant. Chances are that there may be more than one iPod in your home. After all, around 70 per cent of portable music players sold in the US are Apple's.

To that end, GRIFFIN is releasing a two- and four-device-supporting charging dock, dubbed PowerDock, that does exactly what it says on the brushed aluminium, that is, charge your Apple devices, be they an itouch, iPhone or iPod.

Looking a lot cooler than the picture indicates, the four-device model will cost $69 and the two-device weighs in at $49. Expect both to be on sale in March, we were informed.

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