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Samsung 3D TVs gain support for YouTube 3D

by Alistair Lowe on 20 December 2011, 11:41

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS), YouTube (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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Available in the UK, North America and Japan, Samsung has now announced support for YouTube 3D in its Smart TV line-up following its promises earlier this year at the IFA 2011 electronics show.

Users with Samsung 3D Smart TVs will be able to access over 8,000 3D videos and Samsung has also stated that it will work with YouTube to expand this offering in the future. What the firm didn't make clear was whether all 8,000 videos will be true 3D or 2D to 3D up-scales. 3D TV owners may update their televisions via the firm's Smart TV app portal.

This may not sound like a significant update, however, 3D content on YouTube is growing at an increasing rate, the ability to access this content directly from the TV could avoid the less-than-ideal link-up with a 3D Ready PC and at the very least would save users not already equipped with 3D hardware for their PC the cost of software such as NVIDIA 3DTV Play to enable 3D viewing on a television. The availability of extra content will no doubt help boost the 3D industry as it continues to grow and this move follows trend as LG also added the ability to view 3D content on YouTube earlier this year.

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So with Samsung smart TV's (and I presume like other makes like LG, Sony) you can add apps or update just the apps from their own App store like a phone and your ready. You don't have to buy a new TV to take advantage of new software advancements like this.
Am I the only person not bothered by 3d?
Am I the only person not bothered by 3d?

3D TV is pretty awesome. I used to be sceptical until a month ago. I was looking at Smart TVs (ones with DNLA support etc ) and while I was in PC WORLD I started to watch some 3D TV's. Actually sat down in the end and watched about 20 minutes of despicable me and was mighty impressed. Passive glasses are definitely better though. Cheaper, easier and much more comfortable - quality is perfectly high too. After watching a few more 3D demos I was pretty certain I would be buying 3D. Already got 3D bluray player, so I figure why not.
Am I the only person not bothered by 3d?

As the owner of a 3D TV I'd like to say yes :p but you're certainly not alone. What I can say is some 3D content, like movies, documentaries or certain live events can be amazing. Other content should remain in 2D.

As the technology develops and costs come down to the point where there's little difference between a TV with and a TV without 3D support, people will realise it's a technology to be used at appropriate times and I expect uptake of the technology will increase significantly once the pricing barrier is removed.
To further elaborate my girlfriend can't watch 3d content as it gives her a headache so doubt I'd get it even if I did want it…