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Altec Lansing chimes in with Octiv 650 speaker system

by Navin Maini on 5 April 2011, 15:39

Tags: Altec Lansing

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Altec Lansing has been dabbling in a fusion of sound and design, ushering in the Octiv 650 2.1 speaker system.

Designed for the iPhone and iPod, two 3in full range drivers together with a 4in down-firing subwoofer, apparently combine to deliver what is described as room-filling sound.

Moreover, the Octiv 650 offers connectivity to allow for the viewing of videos from supported Apple devices, in full screen goodness, on your TV. Features such as iPhone In-Call Support - automatically pausing music for calls - plus, a remote control which allows for interaction with all iPhone and iPod menus, claim to add to the allure.

Aesthetically, Altec Lansing positions the Octiv 650 as blending in with home décor - thanks to a flat front design, discreet profile and, an apparently unique, wedge shape.

Available this month from a medley of retailers, expect the Octiv 650 to have an MSRP of £169.99, including VAT.

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two 3in full range drivers together with a 4in down-firing subwoofer

3“ full range?! 4” subwoofer? :lol:

Christ the marketing departments been at the mushrooms again! :D