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Altec Lansing announces FX3021 Expressionist PLUS speaker system

by Parm Mann on 16 July 2009, 09:57

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Altec Lansing's seemingly-endless refresh of its speaker line is picking up pace. Following last week's introduction of two value-series speakers, it's today announcing something a little more up market in the form of its FX3021 Expressionist PLUS.

The 2.1 system, part of the Expressionist range, is a compact alternative to the FX3022 Expressionist BASS we reviewed late last year.

This time around, Altec Lansing's dropping the interesting 2.2 design in favour of a traditional 2.1 setup. The FX3021 Expressionist PLUS consists of a cone-shaped, bottom-loaded subwoofer that features a 5.25in driver. Combine that with a pair of small-but-stylish satellites and you've a total power output of 33 watts.

When reviewing the similar FX3022 Expressionist BASS, we found Altec Lansing's sound quality to be decent but overpowered by large servings of bass. Hoping to rectify that, the FX3021 Expressionist PLUS features a useful dial that'll control bass output. We reckon that'll go a long way toward creating a more balanced sound.

Altec Lansing tells us the system, priced at Ā£79.99, will be available in store at Currys and PC World later this month, and online at Play.com in August.

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