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Review: Altec Lansing FX3021 Expressionist PLUS: compact yet powerful

by Parm Mann on 9 October 2009, 09:49 4.0

Tags: FX3021 Expressionist PLUS, Altec Lansing

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Following a 2005 acquisition at the hands of Plantronics, and a major rebranding exercise in 2008, Altec Lansing remains a name synonymous with quality audio products - and perhaps rightfully so, as the Pennyslvania, U.S.-based company has been in the audio business since 1936.

73 years later, Altec Lansing has proven to be a popular choice among PC-speaker buyers, and the company's desktop line is today topped by the premium Expressionist range introduced this time last year. Cast your memory back and you may remember that HEXUS reviewed Altec Lansing's FX3022 Expressionist BASS - an interesting set of speakers that claimed to be the industry's first 2.2 desktop solution. Although impressive in areas, we were left disappointed by the FX3022's shortcomings - most notably the lack of dedicated bass/treble controls.

Hoping to make amends, Altec Lansing has a newer alternative in the form of the FX3021 Expressionist PLUS - a compact solution that reverts to a traditional 2.1 format. Priced at £79.99, it promises to merge affordability with "impressive full-range sound, deep bass, and a sleek compact design". We're going to take a look, and have a listen.