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Pioneer to bring its flat-screen TV business to an end

by Parm Mann on 12 February 2009, 10:36

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Japan's high-end electronics manufacturer Pioneer has announced that it will cease to produce flat-screen TVs and withdraw from the display market by March 2010.

The decision has been announced in the wake of an expected annual loss in the region of £1 billion. Despite describing the decision as "extremely painful", Pioneer has stated that the dwindling global economy has had a severe impact on its high-end flat-screen TV sales, leaving no choice but to restructure.

Expected to cut in the region of 10,000 jobs, the manufacturer will now aim to expand in other areas such as in-car electronics and audio/visual equipment such as Blu-ray products and professional sound equipment.

Despite the announcement, Pioneer states it "will continue to provide after-sales services" for existing customers following its withdrawal from the flat-screen TV business.

Pioneer is renowned for manufacturing flat-screen displays on the bleeding edge of technology, and having focused heavily on such extreme products, it comes as no surprise to see the firm buckle in the midst of a global economic downturn.

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At least they ahve sold their ultra-black and ultra-thin technology to Panasonic.
I wonder how this will affect the warranty situation on Pioneer's sets.

I would hate to be in the position of, say, having bought an £1,800 Kuro 9-series plasma, presumably with a five-year warranty, and then learn the company itself is pulling out of business. :surprised: :eek:
They'll handle it the same was any other company does when they pull out of a market rather than going bust all together. warranties will still be valid and parts still available. It is possible they could transfer all this to their best buddies Panasonic, as they already have a working relationship and Panasonic have all the warranty infrasctucture in place and a vast dealer network.
Perhaps someone in the office should ask the neighbours in TLC broadcast what they think of the news, considering they're one of the go to places for Pioneer equipment.
At least they ahve sold their ultra-black and ultra-thin technology to Panasonic.

Well I'm glad that happened, would have made little sense if they didn't sell the tech on. That being said, it's pretty sad that the best producer of tvs currently has had to do this, the kuro's are no gimmick.