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Samsung shows off biggest OLED at CES

by Parm Mann on 10 January 2008, 11:23

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS)

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OLED technology is closer to retail than we think

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Sure, Panasonic has been all the talk with its jaw-dropping 150" Plasma screen and Mitsubishi has been touting the re-birth of DLP with its Laser TVs, but are these CES demos really the future? The feasibility of wall-sized plasmas and thicker DLP screens make these displays seem to be merely headline catchers.

Samsung on the other hand are keeping it real(ish). Amid its arsenal of TVs at CES are two OLED screens in 14" and 31" models. The 31" model pictured below is an AM-OLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode technology) screen that simply trumps most screens on the market today.

Samsung OLED

It'll consume half the power of a modern TV whilst providing a 1080p picture, a 1 million to one contrast ratio, truly deep blacks and eye-popping colours. CES has been somewhat of a contest for "World's thinnest TV" and this Samsung OLED measures in at a mere 4.3mm thick. Not the thinnest on show at CES, but thinner than any LCDs on the market today. As well as thin, the OLED TVs weigh some 40% less than LCDs of the same size.

Despite difficulties in creating large OLED displays, Samsung are hoping to begin commercial production of mid-to-large size OLED screens in 2010. By doing so, we could see the successor to LCD sooner than we'd thought. After all, Sony has already managed to bring a small and pricey OLED to the market.

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4.3mm!? That's bloomin tiny, do you mean 4.3cm thick? That's thinner than most paintings on the wall!

Does look nice tho.
Yes, there is no way a screen, plus glass, plus casing could be 4.3mm. 4.3cm is still pretty thin for a 31" screen.
Yes, there is no way a screen, plus glass, plus casing could be 4.3mm. 4.3cm is still pretty thin for a 31" screen.

It IS 4.3mm thick, not 4.3cm but they're talking about the panel to be used in TV's - not the whole unit with glass, casing etc.

Remember Samsung sell their panels to lots of manufacturers to use in their TVs and how thick the final unit is depends on how they use it.

4.3mm is by no way the thinnest panel in the world, but as said in the article it's thinner than any mass-produced LCD panels available today. I think the Apple iPod-Touch/iPhone has a screen panel about 0.9mm thick as an example.
OLEDs ate thinner than LCD which are thinner than Plasma…. and yet Pioneer have showed a 9mm thich plasma at CES too :)