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PNY Technologies launches new Action Cam charger for on-the-go adventurers

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London, UK  19 October 2015 – PNY Technologies has today announced the launch of the PNY Action Charger, a universal rechargeable mobile battery bank designed to provide power for adventurous photographers on the move. 

The use of Action Cams to capture extreme outdoor activities means access to power sources for the recharging of batteries can be a challenge. The battery life of the Go Pro Hero 4, for example, is 1 - 2 hours, which is not nearly enough for users to capture all the intense moments and extreme sensations that they are experiencing. 

The PNY Action Charger solves the problem by being able to power the Go Pro Hero 4, as well as any USB-powered mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, mp3 players, eReaders, portable game consoles and more. With its 2 Go Pro Hero 4 battery bays, you will also be able to charge two batteries at once. You can even charge two Hero 4 batteries and a tablet or smartphone at the same time.   

Along with power on the move, active photographers and videographers also require flexible storage options – PNY’s MicroSDHC/XC Elite Performance flash memory card provides ideal storage for Action Cams. With up to 100MB/s transfer rates, fast transfer speeds are guaranteed so you can quickly store, transfer and share your content while you’re on the go.

Award-winning adventure sports filmmaker Sebastien Montaz-Rosset utilizes PNY power and storage products like the Action Cam charger and the MicroSDHC/XC Elite Performance to enable his work. His films can be viewed here

Sebastien is a member of the PNY Photo Ambassador Program, a select number of photographers from diverse focus areas, ranging from sports and adventure photography to nature and photojournalism, that PNY selects and supports each year.

Product specifications 

The new PNY Action Charger features:

  • The capacity to recharge your Action Cam up to three times
  • LED display showing the battery charge level
  • Charger equipped with one USB port and 2 Hero 4 battery bays
  • Micro & Mini-USB cables included
  • Soft Touch finish
  • Dimensions: 48.5*30*120mm
  • Weight: 150g

Suggested retail price of £39.99 including VAT

On sale at Dixons in the UK

The PNY MicroSDHC/XC Elite Performance flash memory card features:

  • Read speed: up to 100MB/s*
  • SD adapter included
  • 5 Years warranty
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 60°C
  • Non Operating: -40°C to 85°C
  • Storage Humidity: 95% Max non condensing
  • Shock: 1.000G MAX operating 14000G MAX non operating
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to 85°C
  • Number of insertions: 10,000 minimum
  • Data retention: 10 years
  • Write/erase cycles: 10,000 minimum

Suggested retail prices (including VAT)

Elite Performance Micro-SD 100Mb / s 16Gb: £19.99

Elite Performance Micro-SD 100Mb / s 32Gb: £29.99

Elite Performance Micro-SD 100Mb / s 64Gb: £44.99 

About PNY Technologies:

Founded in 1985, PNY has manufactured quality computer components for over 25 years; the company represents a real success story of a company leading the American, European and Asian computing markets. PNY has a long history of providing designers, engineers, researchers and visualization clients with cutting-edge NVIDIA® QUADRO® and TESLA™ solutions. PNY understands the needs of its professional graphics clients, offering professional technical support and a constant commitment to customer satisfaction. 

The NVIDIA QUADRO based graphics boards from PNY are the most powerful, feature-rich family of high performance boards available to the professional community. Certified for all major CAD/CAM and DCC applications they deliver unmatched power to maximize your productivity. The NVIDIA TESLA based GPU Computing solutions from PNY are designed from the ground up for high performance computing (HPC). Fully certified servers from TYAN and ASUS are also proposed by PNY. PNY also manufactures a full line of high-end memory modules and professional SSDs.

Headquartered in New Jersey (USA), and Bordeaux (France) for the European headquarter, PNY maintains facilities in North America, EMEA and Asia.

For more information, visit the PNY Technologies website at:

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