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PNY unveils latest PowerPacks with built-in cables

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A stylish and convenient charging solution for Android and Apple users

Bordeaux - 23 October 2014 - PNY Technologies, a leading manufacturer and supplier of upgrade, graphics and storage solutions, has launched the M3000 and LM3000 PowerPack battery banks, featuring innovative built-in Micro-USB and Lightning cables to charge Android and Apple mobile devices. With a stylish, slim line design and no external cables, users will benefit from increased portability and convenience whenever they need power on the go.  

The M3000 features a built-in micro-USB cable, compatible with Android mobile devices, while the LM3000 features both a Micro-USB cable and a Lightning cable, to cater for both Android and Apple users. The 3000 mAh battery capacity ensures up to two full extra charges are possible for a smartphone, ideal for everyday charging needs and longer journeys alike. LED battery level indicators clearly show when the PowerPack needs to be recharged. 

The M3000 and LM3000 use a high-quality Lithium-Polymer battery, enabling a slim, compact and lightweight design. Credit card sized and with no additional cables, they can be easily transported in any kind of bag or pocket to accompany the user at all times. 


Product specifications



Battery type




3000 mAh

3000 mAh


Micro-USB 5V/1A

Micro-USB 5V/1A


USB 5V/1A (micro-USB)

USB 5V/1A (micro-USB) and 1A (Apple Lightning)


58 x 85 x 13 mm

64 x 90 x 14 mm





Pricing and availability:

The M3000 and LM3000 come with a one-year guarantee and are available from Curry's and PC World stores, and Amazon, at the following recommended retail prices (incl. VAT):

M3000 - £22.99

LM3000 - £29.99

About PNY Technologies:

Established in 1985, PNY Technologies®, Inc. celebrates over 25 years of business excellence as a leading manufacturer and supplier of Flash memory cards, USB Flash drives, solid state drives, High Speed HDMI® cables, computer memory upgrade modules, NVIDIA® GeForce® consumer graphics cards and NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics cards. The company's Photography-Videography, Mobility, 3D Gaming-Visualisation and Business solutions are widely available from major retail, e-tail and wholesale outlets internationally. Headquartered in the USA, PNY maintains facilities in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.