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Belkin makes it easy for you to save energy at home with its new Conserve range

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(Rushden, UK) – 3 February, 2011 – Belkin has today announced the launch of a new range of energy efficiency products designed to help people track and reduce their carbon footprint and lower home energy bills.

Belkin’s new Conserve range comprises four products, Conserve InsightTM, Conserve SmartAVTM, Conserve ValetTM and Conserve SocketTM, all of which provide simple, convenient solutions to reduce home energy usage, and lower electricity bills.

With technology everywhere in the home, it’s easy to forget that many devices still draw power even when they’re not in use. Mobile phone chargers, the TV, DVD player or games console left in stand-by mode, and even electric toasters or kettles still draw some electricity when left plugged in.

The Conserve range has been developed following extensive research into consumer attitudes to energy saving in the home. Kevin Ashton, Belkin Conserve General Manager said: “We found that consumers are willing to take steps to reduce their energy consumption, but they want it to be easy, something that doesn’t impact their lives, take up their time, or cost money. Belkin’s Conserve products give consumers insight into their own energy use and convenient ways to reduce it.”

The new Conserve products join the Conserve Surge with Timer, launched in 2009, which helps users reduce home energy consumption by eliminating the use of stand-by power drawn by electrical goods such as computer monitors and printers when they’re not in use.

The range is simple to use and elegantly designed to look good in any home, making it easy for consumers to do their bit to reduce unnecessary energy use, and keep household electricity bills down.

Conserve InsightTM (F7C005af) - £24.99/€29.90
The Conserve Insight energy-use monitor helps you to keep an eye on your energy consumption by showing how much devices really cost in watts, £’s and carbon dioxide. Plug a device, such as a TV or microwave into the Conserve Insight to see the true impact on your overall power usage, and on your wallet.

Conserve ValetTM (F7C008af) - £44.99/€39.90
Most chargers continue to use power as long as they're plugged in - even after you unplug your device. The Conserve Valet allows you to charge all your mobile devices in one convenient place, and automatically shuts off power - including stand-by power - after devices are fully charged. It even senses when new devices are added so you always get a full charge, and has an innovative cord management system to keep things neat.

Conserve SmartAVTM (F7C013af) - £34.99/€44.90
The Conserve SmartAV uses OneClick’s proprietary technology to detect the amount of power used by attached devices. It has a master socket which senses when your TV is turned on or off, and shuts down power to connected components - like video games consoles, DVD players, and home theatre equipment - so no energy is wasted when the TV is left in stand-by mode.

Conserve SocketTM (F7C009af) - £9.99/€13.90
The Conserve Socket power timer automatically switches power off after a selected time interval - 30 minutes, three hours, or six hours. This not only saves energy by timing power to devices such as mobile phone chargers, but also makes the home a safer place by shutting down the power to items like electric irons, fans and heaters, so they switch off automatically if left on by mistake.

The Conserve range is available now from Amazon, Argos, Comet and Tesco.

For further information on the full range of Conserve products from Belkin visit: www.belkin.com/uk/conserve