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Netatmo Smart Weather Station compatible with Apple HomeKit

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London, 23 October 2019 - Netatmo, the French leader in smart objects for a safer, more comfortable home, has today announced that its Smart Weather Station is now compatible with Apple HomeKit.

This upgrade applies to all Netatmo Smart Weather Stations sold as of today. The devices will be progressively updated in the upcoming weeks. Users will be able to control their Smart Weather Station by voice, directly via the voice assistant Siri.

The Smart Weather Station measures the indoor and outdoor environment in real-time and sends alerts to the user’s smartphone, for example when it detects changes in air quality. The user can also track changes in the environment over time by accessing the long-term data history.

With HomeKit, the user can improve their home comfort

With HomeKit compatibility, the user can ask Siri questions about their indoor and outdoor environment. You just have to start your request with “Hey Siri” to know what the temperature is in your garden or the level of air quality in your living room (“Hey Siri, what is the temperature in the garden?” or “Hey Siri, how is the air quality in the living room?”)

The user can also view the indoor and outdoor readings of their Netatmo Smart Weather Station directly in the Home application.

Apple HomeKit makes it even easier for people to enjoy intuitive interaction with smart devices in their home. With Apple HomeKit, the user can customise scenarios and connect their Smart Weather Station to other connected devices, based on specific criteria.

For example, when measuring CO2, they can create a scenario where a light switches on if an abnormal level of CO2 is detected, then switches off when the level returns to normal.


The Netatmo Smart Weather Station sold as of today are compatible with Apple HomeKit.

This integration adds to that of Netatmo’s Smart Camera, Smart Smoke Alarm, Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor, Smart Thermostat and Smart Radiator Valves, which are already compatible with Apple HomeKit.

The Netatmo Smart Weather Station is sold with an RRP of £149.99. It is available at www.netatmo.comamazon.co.uk and in John Lewis stores.

The Netatmo Weather app is free of charge and compatible with iPhones and iPads with iOS 11 or above, and with Android smartphones from 5.0. The Netatmo web app is also available on Mac and PC.

About Netatmo 

Netatmo is a leading smart home company creating simple, beautiful smart solutions for a safer and more comfortable home. The company’s ambition is to bring useful technology, to the most intimate place you own. In order to pursue this goal, Netatmo follows four commitments that embody the company’s DNA:

  • Durable design: no planned obsolescence.
  • Privacy at its core: from the conception phase, we ensure that we can guarantee data protection.
  • Useful & reliable: our products make your life easier.
  • Thoughtful notifications: we notify you only when it is important.

Since 2012, Netatmo has launched thirteen devices and accessories to meet the main demands of the smart home industry. The company offers different solutions to automate the home and make life easier, from its first product in 2012 to today.

In addition to its main product range, Netatmo collaborates with key industrial leaders with its “with Netatmo” program to expand its reach and continue to grow strategically with smart integrated solutions that fit in your home’s infrastructure. Thanks to this strategy, Netatmo can bring simpler, easier and better home experiences.

In November 2018, Netatmo joined the Legrand Group, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures.

Netatmo, same home, just smarter.