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COMPRO Launches TN65DB & TN70DB Cloud Network Camera Doorbell

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The First Step into Smart Home ~ Cloud Network Camera Doorbell

Taipei, Taiwan - April 15th, 2015 - COMPRO Technology Inc., a leading Cloud IP Video Surveillance Solution Provider, today announced TN65DB & TN70DB Cloud Network Camera Doorbell. When visitor rings the doorbell, you will be notified via your smartphone immediately; you can also see the image on the phone and talk to the visitor through two way audio feature of the camera. With this smart doorbell, no matter where you are, you can keep track of who visits your home or office and instantly communicate with them. From now on, you will never miss any important visitor anymore; it’s a perfect and smart solution for home or small office users!

Cloud Network Camera Doorbell contains the doorbell button kit and cloud network camera; users can install the camera and upgrade the doorbell button by themselves easily. It can bring so much convenience to life, such as:

At home: Whether you are in bed, toilet, cooking or shower..., and not be able to answer the doorbell, just pick up the phone and you can immediately know who the visitor is. You can also use the two-way audio to tell the visitor to wait.

Go out: If you own a home office or small office, you always need to go out to visit your clients. Cloud Network Camera Doorbell can let you no longer worry about missing important visitors, express delivery or home delivery.

There are two options of Cloud Network Camera Doorbell currently: TN65DB & TN70DB. Both of them are equipped with megapixels and built-in speaker/microphone,   and also with two-way audio feature from C4Home App. TN70DB is more equipped with professional-grade sensor and infrared LED light source to provide day and night surveillance environment. In order to celebrate the launch of Cloud Network Camera Doorbell, COMPRO provides a very special price: TN65DB $129 USD and TN70DB $169 USD! Users can take the first step of their smart home by using Cloud Network Camera   Doorbell, it’s very cost-effective, very convenient and very smart!

In the age of Smart Home, you can upgrade your traditional doorbell to Cloud Network Camera Doorbell as the first step into Smart Home! If you want to know more about Cloud Network Camera Doorbell,you are welcome to visit www.comprousa.com or email to sales@comprousa.com for more information.

About COMPRO Technology

COMPRO Technology Inc., based in Taipei, Taiwan, has been an innovative leader in the design and development of consumer and industrial imaging application since 1988. 

Aim to bring exciting new digital lifestyle to make the world a better and safer place to live.