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Hear this - New PC Speakers Breathe Life into Your Multimedia

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Press Release

Altec Lansing launch VS2421 to power user experience

August 2007 – Altec Lansing, market leaders in digital audio, take PC multimedia performance to the next level with the launch of the VS2421 speaker trio.  The compact design and innovative technology resets the expectations for PC sound performance in a value-priced solution that will compliment any environment.

The VS2421 delivers powerful, full spectrum sound from custom-engineered, dual 2.5" satellite speakers and a slim 5.4" subwoofer which has been designed to fit easily under the user's desk (the system can be wall mounted to maximise desk space).

This compact 2.1 speaker trio delivers rich multimedia sound and features an innovative built-in microphone that makes the VS2421 perfect for VoIP and interactive gaming. This allows the user to make phone calls over the internet without the need for a handset, headset or extra cables. An automatic feedback cancellation feature is included as standard.

The system delivers convincing, satisfying sound which doesn't just stop at making the most of the PC's audio. The control pod, which is part and parcel of the new sound system, has an AUX input for alternative sound sources, such as iPod, MP3 or CD player. It is intuitive and easy to use, simply plug it into the jack on the control pod (no need to disconnect the PC), press play and you're off! The control pod allows easy access to volume, tone and mute functions and for private listening there's a headphone jack on the control pod as well.  

Audio enthusiasts will be pleasantly surprised by the sonic performance of the new VS2421 and the low-price segment of the 2.1 speakers they're hearing. The system's innovative tri-ported design provides three system ports in the satellites and subwoofer to extend the lower frequency response. Additionally, the black design with dark red detail lifts the new speakers above current mass market offerings. An integrated power supply, eliminating the clumsy brick plug common with other PC speakers in this price category adds a further advantage to the design and ergonomics of the VS2421.

The Altec Lansing VS2421 sound system is now available with a RRP of £39.99.